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By Jesyan | Jessica | 4 Jul 2020

YouHodler Offers Users High-Value Loans for Cryptocurrency Collateral and Opportunities to Multiply Their Assets

Adam West

By: Adam West

Posted: 3/9/2020


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In a Nutshell: The key to successful cryptocurrency investing is having the discipline to hold on to assets through inevitable market fluctuations. But the strategy crypto insiders call holding on for dear life, or “hodling,” isn’t always practical, especially when investors need liquidity for other purposes. YouHodler launched in 2019 to give users a way to stay in crypto markets while maintaining access to funds. In addition to offering fiat loans to users who deposit cryptocurrency collateral on the platform, YouHodler allows investors to put their crypto to work in high-interest savings accounts. And the platform also offers novel products to earn returns on assets based on established financial strategies.


In 2013, a typographically challenged cryptocurrency investor posted to a popular online forum and declared his intention to weather a downturn in the market.


“I am hodling,” he typed. “In a zero-sum game such as this, traders can only take your money if you sell.”


The use of the term “hodl” quickly became common in the crypto community, and its meaning was expanded to “hold on for dear life.” And hodling is often a smart strategy, but crypto assets can challenge the resolve of even the steeliest investors.


In late 2017, for example, Bitcoin rose to almost $20,000 after starting the year at a fraction of that price. The problem was that the volatile performance of the currency in 2016 led many to exit before that massive bull run materialized. They missed out on thousands in profits because they needed access to cash.


That type of FOMO (fear of missing out) now preoccupies many crypto investors — and it led to the launch of YouHodler, a platform that allows investors to hodl while leveraging their assets for loans.


Screenshots of YouHodler interface on devices

YouHodler allows crypto investors to hold their valuable assets and leverage them for loans.


According to YouHodler CEO Ilya Volkov, investors want to be in a position to earn profits when the next spike occurs. They also may want — or need — to use their holdings to free up additional fiat liquidity.


And YouHodler provides them with the best of both worlds.


“We started in 2019 with a focus on providing an improved crypto-backed lending solution as an answer to the FOMO of crypto holders,” Volkov said. “Now, users can store crypto as collateral on our platform and leverage our traditional fiat loans in their everyday lives without worrying about missing out.”


Instant Crypto Loans with Flexible Repayment Dates and Loan-to-Value Options

Volkov came to the company with a background in factoring and commercial finance and more than 15 years in fintech. YouHodler’s development team has created blockchain integration and back end solutions that many crypto exchanges use. The team has also built hundreds of unique smart contracts, the pieces of software that serve as value-exchange backbones on blockchain platforms.

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