⭐CryptoCartoon of Syed Jafri⭐ | bloks.io EOS Cfe Blocks

⭐CryptoCartoon of Syed Jafri⭐ | bloks.io EOS Cfe Blocks

By jeninacrypto | jeninacrypto | 14 Jul 2020

Hi Cryptofriends!

I cryptocartoonized the winner of EOSIO Smart Contracts Challenge, the cryptotalented Syed Jafri👏🏻a brilliant blockchain developer who is very popular within the EOSIO community!

This Cryptoart is open for bids on Makersplace as an unique NFT

He recently won a prize of $200K money😲 🏆as well as the respect of his cryptopeeps👍😁 after he became the first person to complet Block.One's most ambitious EOSIO Challenge, which was to create a solution that promotes scalability and connectivity shaping the future of blockchain as result.
The solution he provided: eosio.evn is specific to Ethereum Smart Contracts and can run the entire Ethereum chain transactions inside EOSIO, barring payments to miners as EOS does not have gas fees!

🤓 Read more: https://www.eoswriter.io/170545_syed-jafri-talks-blockhain-ethereum-and-the-eosio-challenge-interview.eos

🌟 About Syed Jafri 🌟
Syed is the CEO of EOS Cafe Block, a fast moving Canadian technology startup focused on bringing blockchain to the masses.

Syed has been the mastermind and core developer behind Bloks.io, a global leader in blockchain visualization and traceability.

Syed has a background in Bioinformatics and Computer Science from the University of Calgary, focusing largely on big data processing of healthcare data.

Web: https://jafri.io
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/TheSyedJafri



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Jenina🌟Crypto is The Cartoonist of your favorite Crypto☆Stars!


Jenina🌟Crypto is The Cartoonist of your favorite Crypto☆Stars!

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