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What's Next After Shiba? Yooshi? Akita? Bafe? Feg? Ass? Poodle? Gorilla Diamond? Eclipse?

The Meme Coin Invasion: My Top 3 Picks and a Few Honorable mentions.


To be fair, not all the coins I will be discussing should be classified as "meme" coins, because like or not they serve a purpose.

I'll be mentioning a few that you might have ignored but really shouldn't have and yes of course the Shiba INU ERC20 coin. Which you can find here on CoinEx.

Personally, I think buying as much Shiba as you can right now while Ethereum has dropped back under 4k at the time of this post, wouldn’t be a bad idea. Just saying. 

Where can I buy the Akita Inu Token (AKITA INU)

There's Bafe, Shiba, Akita, Feg, Safemoon and yes...ASS (Australian Safe Shepherd), Poodle 🐩 and many others out there in the crypto space and each one is different but with a simple roadmap. 

I see Akita as a close runner-up behind Shiba. It's still very early with both projects but Akita Inu is growing rapidly. If you're looking for where to buy Akita Inu, look at CoinEx for USDT/AKITA.

Community driven, spontaneous, experimental and fun? What can really go wrong? Nothing to be honest.

  • Google where can I buy Shiba and Akita?

But they don't have any use cases!!!


I'm not surprised when people arguing about meme coins state that. It's almost true but also so very wrong.

Wealth distribution is ultimately the main idea behind crypto, is it not? Personally financial freedom, right? 

Well, here we are and it's happening on a grand scale. 

Anyone have any idea how many people became millionaires with Shiba? 

Take a guess.

The idea behind this whole crypto thing we are all tangled into is ultimately to make money. Unfortunately we forget the technology that really drives crypto and forget the vision.

I'm embracing these fun community coins and when someone talks poorly about these "useless" coins, I remind them about all the nay sayers that hated bitcoin. 



My Top 3 Picks if you missed the Shiba Rocket


The prices you'll find on these coins are right now, almost exactly where Shiba was weeks ago. Do with that information as you will.



Starting with the cute little astronaut looking BAFE is ready to take that seat next to Shiba. Sure there are others, yes yes I know but BAFE is actively pursuing it's plans and it has a great little (GROWING QUICKLY) community behind it. It shouldn't take long to see this little dude land on the moon, if not Mars.

I tell people, "If you see this little yellow dude on an exchange, clean it out!"

You also earn a chunk of the gas fees. I absolutely LOVE watching this coin grow in my wallet!

Find it here: Bafe Website






FEG?? Cool… what the f**k is it?

Feed Every Gorilla is another community driven coin with some interesting developments since its launch. Now they have a full blown swap and staking platform. Amazing really.

Already gaining celebrity attention and right now at the time of the post, its starting to gain traction. The price though, right now, is super cheap. Buying a few billion even trillion FEG won't be too hard. Taking your time though acting on this…might prove to be foolish.

I'd take the dive now and let it ride. Who knows what will happen? More wealth distribution? Feg also is definitely going to explode. 

Find it here: FegEx Exchange and Swap



ASS Australian Safe Shepherd, where to buy


Let's talk about that ASS.

Australian Safe Shepherd isn't the worst meme coin in history. In fact, I own an Australian Shepherd. Not the coin, the breed. I can appreciate the coins name a little better than most.

Okay okay… what is ASS ;)?

A fun token with a great funny roadmap. 

Buying some ASS tokens?

I love it and think this coin will surely be racing Shiba and Akita very soon at the same prices. The ticker might be a little offensive I suppose and not exactly something that you might expect to invest in but you can always say you own a piece of ASS. Try that while having your next crypto conversation. 😆 🤣 okay seriously…

I find this token to be perfectly set to be in line as another fast climber. Why not. Everyone likes a little…..Deflationary. 

Find it here: Australian Safe Shepherd ASS Finance



EarnX is also on my list. Buy it soon.

Have you heard about EarnX? Another deflationary coin but with tremendous ideas. EarnX is a cool, sleek and interesting concept. Plus you're owning a small part of what could very well be NFT history making technology.

The point is simple and transparent. EarnX isn't a funny meme token, it means business. 

EarnX is going to explode.

I can easily see EarnX doing very well with it's proposed roadmap and already accomplished tasks.

Learn more here: EarnX Website

A few more to mention...

Gorilla Diamond is actually a very professional memecoin. I suggest you Google GDT to learn more. Seems to have a great team working behind the scenes.

Yooshi is a fun and profitable meme coin with a ton of potential. Listed on Hotbit currently and worth grabbing a few Trillion of. Meant to be a fun and easy going money maker.

Eclipse is another high-end meme token with a lot working behind the scenes. Very good outlook ahead for Eclipse.

Have fun with these tokens. That's the point. Make some profit and walk away or hodl for richer returns.

These are fun, lightweight investment opportunities that could pay back very lucratively. As always, DYOR.

Nothing in this article is of professional advice. Consult a licensed investment broker before making any investment.

Thank you for reading and good luck to all the teams working on these coins. We wish you the best. 

As always my Ethereum or BSC tip jar:  0xE2CF47E4974484A021A72D50e0A2FC7188E2aA38

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