Klever Wallet Review

The Value of the Klever Wallet

Klever Wallet Review

If you ever read my articles, you would know that I write about projects that I personally find interesting.

I've spoken about wallets before and made it clear which ones I recommend and which ones I will never recommend. That said, I am now recommending Klever to everyone and anyone.

To be fair, I've tried almost every single wallet around and I will always be honest with my reviews. I never, ever, ever, ever write about anything that I don't personally use or research first.

I have only a couple of wallets that I use and a few I will never use again. I won't name names but I will tell you that a few wallets out there should be ignored and never used to keep anything in. That said, I was skeptical about Klever and unfortunately I didn't really dig very deeply into Klever until just recently.


What I like about Klever is simple.

Mobile wallets aren't exactly everyone's first pick. Most people I work with keep a cold wallet and that's fine, but for me I'm a lover of mobile devices and keeping my currency close and easily accessible.

So when I tried Klever, to be honest, it was just for the staking option of the Klever token and earning a return. That was it. I downloaded it, opened a wallet and sent Klever to it to be staked. That was it. Done.

Then I found myself looking at it from another standpoint. 

I read the AMA with Dio Ianakiara, CEO and co-founder of Klever and learned that this isn't just another wallet but instead, one man's fight against his own circumstances and the product of his success.

Klever wasn't just pumped out by some nerd lab in California, it is a product that matters and means something special to the creators and the teams behind it.


When you see the history behind it and those who made it what it is today, you come to realize that Klever isn't just another wallet. Klever is a dreamy idea that came from the slums of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The full story is really amazing and I suggest reading it yourself. To me though it solidified something I have in common with Dio.

The struggle to become something better than the opportunities or circumstances we live in.

Of course, I'm not a computer wizard who grew up in the slums of Sao Paulo but I do know what it's like to struggle and climb out from the abyss of poverty.

I wanted to go into all the cool stuff about this wallet but right now I just want to explain why I believe in it's future.

To know that this project came from someone who fought hard to make it and win against the odds of failure and circumstances, means to me, that this wallet holds value.

Value not for myself or what I keep in the wallet but to the creators and those behind-the-scenes.

Knowing that they work hard and continue to add value to their product, makes for a solid investment opportunity IMO.

Also knowing that Klever came from someone who knows poverty and who can relate to small investors who want nothing more than to climb out of their own financial struggles, to me adds even more value to this project and makes me feel more comfortable investing into Klever.

Simply put, Klever is a product of opportunity and the future ahead looks bright and long-lasting.

Sure you can stake Klever and Tron. Blah blah blah... What's really important is that Klever matters to the Klever team and someone like Dio, who didn't create Klever to just make another wallet but bring value to crypto and it's history.

If you're interested in learning more about the Klever Wallet and getting it yourself, please follow this link.

When something in Crypto can inspire and create value, that is meaningful and fully supported by a great community and developers, it deserves to be talked about.

Get Klever and have something meaningful to keep your crypto in. 

Thank you for selling that car Dio, because mistakes sometimes bring us closer to our dreams.


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