Protection, Security and Guardianship & Two Projects Working on it all.

Protection, Security and Guardianship & Two Projects Working on it all.

Today's Crypto Hemisphere Needs Protection and Security.

Crypto Security

These projects offer a glimpse into the possibility of a more secure world of decentralization.

Imagine having a security firm embedded into Blockchain technologies or an oversight committee watching out for fraudulent or malicious projects.

Imagine security and insurance being part of a trading platform or defending you against bad actors trying to steal your information, coins and accounts.

While these things are not fully mainstream and most projects fail at protecting their communities against threats, other than announcing warnings after detecting a threat and mostly after the threat already did damage, security in most emerging crypto projects are always at risk.

The concept of protections and real security are only a small portion of most project's budgets. In fact, only a handful of newly birthed projects come to mind that proactively thwart and seek out dangerous activities amongst their community and internally in their teams.

The ways of providing a stable and secure environment for a community as a whole, is mostly done in a reactive and not proactive way. Even in trading, security can take a back seat and losses can be huge.

More often than you might realize, losses are a major issue with projects being attacked by bad actors and fraudulent concepts. I can recall (NRG) Energi warning against impersonating scam artists only after these actors took many along for a ride and stole their coins. 

That's why I've become interested in the following projects.

Article by Jeffrey Allen Kaufman (Sentinel Protocol)

Sentinel Protocol (UPP): I read about this project when it first came out and basically ignored it. Then one day during a meeting with a client the project came up in discussions.

The concept is really smart, smart enough to actually hold water and the project itself is a meaningful dive into a side of crypto we talk a lot about but rarely do anything to counter, that being security.

I took a good look into the Sentinal Protocol and believe that they have some really good ideas at thwarting and detecting possible threats. They are taking a proactive approach and have great ideas for helping secure against fraud and bad actors.

They believe in giving the crypto community a venue to report and projects a place to turn to for releasing security breaches. This in turn creates a database that you can search called Uppward and it gives you plenty of room to discover fraud and dangerous scams. You can search URLs, Addresses and Telegram groups. Which if you're like me, you know telegram is a breeding ground for many horrible activities involving scams and bad actors.Sentinel Protocol Uppward Search Database

You can download an extension for Chrome, Firefox and Brave browsers to have at hand to do your research.

There is much more to the Sentinel Protocol's project and I firmly believe that they're going to do well with their present direction and future goals. 

You should take some time and visit their website and learn about (UPP) The Sentinel Protocol and become familiar with the components of this smart and invigorating project.

Are you a believer in UPP? Tip me in it here: 0xE2CF47E4974484A021A72D50e0A2FC7188E2aA38

Short Review on Kuverit Crypto

Kuverit (KUV): P2P trading is a risky environment to trade in. I've been duped on a few trades and have basically walked away from the idea. Either the seller is selling a previously swapped 0 value coin or they fail to uphold thier end of the deal. Either way, P2P trading can be a real pain in the keester.

Kuverit though has a solution and as long as they plan to stay on track in the development of thier platform, KUV could be a very smart investment.

Secure P2P trading with security and insurance is one of the many ways they are implementing their system. I have done my research and have only a few things that makes me scratch my head, but I am hopeful that Kuverit is going to follow through with their plans, because insurance and investments don't normally go hand in hand. So for a project to offer that in P2P trading is pretty smart and a great way to open the doors to personal trading with security.






Anyone who makes transactions with other people cannot be sure whether their partners are going to be honest or not. That is why Kuverit P2P Guarantee Trading exists. A Guarantor makes sure both sides will receive their funds, and all claims are validated by candid voters and auditors.

It sounds good and I think they will do well, if they can pull the white rabbit out of their proverbial hat and accomplish this task.   

However, their social appearance has dwindled on their social accounts and have left me questioning if they are really working toward this goal or just another pump and dump project.    DYOR as always and see of you feel the same way. The data looks good but the quietness is alarming. 

Kuverit Address: 0xE2CF47E4974484A021A72D50e0A2FC7188E2aA38

As always, if you are a representative of any project I write about, please contact me on Twitter @1cryptopodcast if you would like to be on my show.

Jeffrey Allen Kaufman
Jeffrey Allen Kaufman

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Jeffrey Allen Kaufman
Jeffrey Allen Kaufman

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