~Have you had the chance to check out Mingle?

You should if you haven't.

Mingle is one of the newest social platforms to hit the market and with it comes a real opportunity to meet other people in the crypto hemisphere.

From investors to entrupenors, miners and professionals working in crypto, its seems "We" finally now have a place just for us cryptoheads.

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Mingle is still pretty new, but it has great appeal and tremendous potential. Nothing to complain about this far, but I would like to see more features and less restrictions.

The app is very well designed and has a pretty sleek UI. Navigation is great but the off and on switches in settings can be confusing. Are they ON while orange or OFF? Hard to say, but this seems easy to address.

You can add your bio, picture and professional background to meet new people. The distance though for meeting people is kept within a 310km area, which I hope Mingle changes.

There are people in Australia and Germany who work in Crypto, that I would like to meet. Hopefully since Mingle is about Mingling, perhaps the distance restrictions will be removed. After all, Crypto is a world-wide phenomenon, just just limited to a small stretch of mileage.

The ability to share your profile on Twitter or other sites isn't working very well at the time of this review. Tried multiple times to share on Twitter, only to provide a link in 31k of bit. That is a 31,000 bit link. 😆

Makes it hard to share on Twitter with only a 280 character limit per tweet. I'm sure the Mingle Devs will tackle that issue soon.

Messaging is pretty easy and you can request to be added as a friend when you come across someone who you would like to meet. Invites include a message to introduce yourself, which helps when meeting someone new.

There is also a built in wallet system from Ontology. The Wallet is a separate app but linked into Mingle. I happen to like Ontology and their wallet is pretty nice as well. Both seamlessly work well together.

So far the experience is pretty good. I hope to see Mingle continue to thrive and build upon its already quickly growing community.

I truly love the concept and love the idea. Its a great app with a future that I hope to take part in.

Oh and did I mention?


Mingle also has its very own currency.

You can earn Mingle coin through a few select ways but it is listed on CMC and gets directly dropped into the ONT wallet.

Minglechain's intuitive app has helped me to connect with other Blockchain professionals. You can use my referral code 59yc5a to claim your first 50 MC tokens here: https://mingl.ch/ref/59yc5a


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