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Earn Free Crytpo using Coinbase

By Jcvols | Jcvols | 7 Jan 2022

Do you like getting free crypto? Of course you do, everyone does. I spend my free time searching the internet for various ways to earn free crypto and would like to share some of the options, both good and bad, that I have found, in order to possibly help readers in deciding for themselves the best options for them. Today I will start with what I consider the best option, Coinbase.

Coinbase is a crypto exchange that also acts as a crypto wallet that aims to make buying and trading crypto as easy and possible, and in that it succeeds. It is, indeed, very easy to buy and sell crypto using Coinbase. You can use their website or their app to view crypto charts, read the latest news about crypto and of course buy or sell crypto. Their wallet is straight to the point, however, the seed phrase for your wallet is stored with Coinbase and not shared with you, which is probably the biggest negative against them. Don't let that dissuade you though, in my opinion it is still a great place to begin your crypto journey.
Now, on to the free crypto I spoke of. That's why everyone is here right? There are several ways to earn free crypto using Coinbase.

1. Learn to Earn. With Coinbase, you can take "lessons" that will reward you with various amounts of crypto after passing the quiz at the end of the lesson., Stellar Lumens, and Amp are available now. It's a very quick lesson and the quiz is pretty simple and could probably be passed by anyone with even beginner crypto knowledge without even watching the videos. To date I have earned around $40 dollars in various crypto from Learn to Earn alone, which can then be freely traded or sold according to your liking.

2. Interest. You can earn interest on certain crypto coins on Coinbase simply by having that crypto in your wallet. Interest rates vary from 0.15% (USD coin) to 5% (Cosmos). It's not ground-breaking, but aside from the USD coin (a stable coin pegged to the US dollar), it's better than any you will find at a bank.

3. Coinbase Debit/Credit card. This one is the cream of the crop. It has the potential to be your biggest free crypto option by far. You can get 4% cash back on any purchase (Stellar Lumens, The Graph, Amp, Rally) or 1% cash back (Bitcoin, Etherium, Dogecoin, Dai) depending on your preference. I personally choose 4% back in Amp. Loading the card is simple and free of transaction fees provided you link your bank account to your profile. The card works at any store/restaurant that takes Visa and the rewards are generally deposited into your wallet the same day as the purchase. Currently, I deposit $400 at the beginning of the month and then use my Coinbase card for groceries, eating out or even going to the movies, which nets me around $16 in Amp for the month. All for free, as I would otherwise be spending that $400 on those things as is.

So there you have it. Multiple ways to earn free crypto using Coinbase. If you have been on the edge about using Coinbase hopefully this helps you decide. If you have never used Coinbase before, I'll post my referral link at the bottom you can use to get an EXTRA $10 worth of Bitcoin after buying $100 worth of crypto for both you and I. Or if you have a friend that already has a Coinbase account ask them for a referral link to benefit them. Either way, it's more free crypto.


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