The COIN App and XYO Coin (with 4.26.2021 Chart)

By JCRoemer | JCR's Crypto Musings | 27 Apr 2021

Sometime in 2019, I saw the COIN app advertised, and, being a fan of passive earning, I downloaded it and gave it a test drive. After casually using it for about a couple months, I looked up the price of XYO and realized it was pretty much worthless. Over a couple months, I had accumulated over 10k COIN but started experiencing battery issues with my phone and life happened. I think I ended up deleting the app.


Fast forward to 2021 and I've repaired my phone and with a new battery installed and the most impressive Bitcoin bull market in history on, I was playing a game on my tablet when I saw another ad for COIN app. Surprised to see the app even existed, much less had an advertising budget, I decided to download it again and see where I left things. I turned in my 16k COIN for XYO. I didn't think anything of the conversion rate and ended up with 18k XYO. I read that I could transfer it to a Coinbase Wallet or MetaMask or Trust so I moved it to Coinbase Wallet where it had a total value of $7.79. As February wore on, I was busy researching which alt-coins I should hold in 2021, interested to get back into crypto investing (and at the absolute worst time, of course!) A few weeks go by and I open Coinbase Wallet on my phone, shocked to see my 18k XYO are suddenly worth $35. Next day, $42. What's happening here? As winter ended and Spring came, I saw more and more COIN ads and each day the value of my XYO went up until it topped out around $150. Are you kidding me!?


Of course COIN is running on my device a bit more frequently now and I've learned a great deal more about the app and how to maximize my earnings. I even got one of those Sentinel devices to 12x my geomining rewards, and suddenly, I'm making enough COIN weekly that it seems like it's worth it. Not to mention, the price of XYO did not crash out... my XYO bag is still worth somewhere between $75 and $125 depending on the mood of the market maker, I suppose.


Here is the XYO/ETH value on KuCoin with some trading indicators built in. That's the 1H 50EMA cloud you see weaving through.... it's quite possible we are coming up on some decent conversion opportunities as the conversion rate is closer to 1000 COIN:80 XYO. I don't think I'll see 16000 COIN:18000 XYO kind of rates any time soon, or at least, we hope not! And at these prices, it's worth considering the purchase of a SentinelX to leave near a major highway interchange where it can pick up other users passing through all day long: 




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