Ronaldinho could go back to jail for being involved in a cryptocurrency scam.

By JavierFinanzas | JavierWorld | 29 Aug 2023



The Brazilian Chamber of Deputies summoned the legendary soccer player Ronaldinho Gaucho, to give his statements regarding an investigation that is being carried out for a pyramid scam that was executed with Cryptocurrencies through one of his companies, however, the star soccer player did not show up for said summons, so the Deputies stated that if he did not show up again they will have to use the public force to make him appear.

The company involved in this scandal bears the name of 18kRonaldinho, which supposedly offered that users investing at least 30 dollars in any cryptocurrency would have interest of 2% per day for each investment, but since all pyramidal structures work in a similar way, the reaction from the investors did not wait and sued him civilly for more than 60 million US dollars in damages.

But Ronaldinho's lawyers stated that he was one more victim of his own company, since without his consent they took advantage of his image illegally and associated with the company that has defrauded many users, in which he states that he did not is directly involved with this problem.

For those who don't know, Ronaldinho has just gone through a long period in a Paraguayan prison, and the least thing he wants for his life is to continue visiting these prisons, especially when, according to what he says, it has nothing to do with that scam. The important thing in this case is that the Brazilian authorities carry out the pertinent investigations to find those responsible for this fact, because we all want to continue seeing our Brazilian idol free on the streets.

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