JAVA- What is JAVA? Why JAVA over other languages?

JAVA:- Java is third generation language conceived by James Gosling, Chris Wrath, Ed Frank, Patrick Naughton, and Mike Sheridan in 1991. It was initially called "Oak" but was renamed "Java" in 1995. It was initially under Sun Microsystems but later acquired by Oracle. Now all the updates and maintenance are done by Oracle.

Java is easy to code, efficient, and portable as it is platform-independent. It is object-oriented programming (OOP) language that makes its code reusable. It is easy to learn as it was designed that way so that users could easily code, compile and debug errors. Java is also very robust.

There are certain keywords that define java very well.

  • simple
  • secure
  • portable
  • object-oriented
  • robust
  • high performance
  • dynamic

There are certain features or classes you may say in java to make it multi-dimensional.

  • Java Applets:- A special java program that is transmitted over the internet and automatically executed by Java-compatible web browsers.
  • JDBC:- Java Database Connectivity or JDBC is an API that defines how clients may access a database.
  • Servlets:- It is a java program that executes on a server.
  • JavaFX:- Used for GUI programming.
  • Swing:- To create window-based applications.

Java is slower than C and C++ but has more functionality, robustness, and security. While it is faster than Python which has more functionality.

If you want to start learning Java, I would recommend "Java - The complete reference by Herbert Schildt under Oracle Press".



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Java Programming and Data Structures
Java Programming and Data Structures

Here I will be telling you Java's important concepts and will understand and solve Data Structure problems. Learning a programming language is very important today and will be so in future. And java is Such a language from which you can shift to another languages easily. So lets get started!

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