By MR.J | Janrey | 25 Aug 2020

The Little Eagle

The little eagle wished to fly, Like the other birds up in the sky He's almost there, he will try. But Daddy eagle stopped him by.

The Little Eagle wanted to fly. But he's still so young to conquer the sky. Mommy Eagle told him to wait Before everything becomes too late.

The Little Eagle is eager to fly. To dance with the birds up in the sky, To see the world from up so high To know the truth and lie

The Little Eagle thought, he's ready to fly Indecisively, he threw himself in the sky But then a gun disturbs the peace Suddenly, he can't move at ease.

Little Eagle, why not careful? Look at your gunshot, it's so painful Little Eagle, how does it feel? It's your first time and you're already ill.

Little Eagle, you are so brave Look at the other birds you saved You were hurt but you did great, Maybe it's just the test of fate.

Little Eagle, are you okay? It will be healed someday.

A pain of the past should not stop you. Pursue the dreams you want to do.

Little Eagle, that's how circumstances play, They're testing how long you will stay, You showed them that you are strong, You ended up, proving them wrong.

Little Eagle, It's not yet the end. All the pain and wounds will mend. Little Eagle, I'm waiting for that day. That you'll smile again and be okay.

Little Eagle, please don't cry. Soon you'll be able, again, to fly. You'll roam and conquer the sky Just don't be too tired to try and try.

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