Fate in a Portrait (Poem)

Fate in a Portrait 

By MR.J | Janrey | 24 Aug 2020

Fate in a Portrait

In my hand is a portrait, Of a person with an unknown fate.

Are there are memories, they come back. So here I am, again, for the next time... stuck. ( just want my life to be at ease.

Stop Make it stop. please. Do they know me? Do they know my story?

They don't And they won't.

But why? Tell me why! Why do they always make me cry?

To me, do they have a garage? Why is it easy for them to judge?

Tell mel Please tell me.

s it because l am a nobody? Because You're not pretty?

Or because i'm worse than everybody? I never felt complete. do you will beat?

My heart, why No one knows what t really feel. Physically and emotionally, I'm Ill. Ex my family makes me tad.

And to myself, to so mad. I'm sorry because I hide,

The pain and loneliness I have inside.

All this time, I feel pain.

Paint and sadnest, again and again. don't know why, / don't know how. I'm to lost, so very lost right now

When will be fived?
If my burdens were all mixed. I want to leave and forget everything. Save me! Save me from drowning. No. No. No. Stop from saving. This is my way of feeling nothing. Thank you so much for everything. Trust me, believe me i'm trying. But life's joke gave some, Fights I should overcome. Soon, this pain will be gone.

The sadness will be done. And in my hand is a portrait, Of a person. lost in her fate.

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