Devoured Like Candy (poem)

Devoured Like Candy

By MR.J | Janrey | 23 Aug 2020

Devoured Like Candy

My mind keeps on overflowing My darkest thoughts. bursting How long will chevy keep on going? Do you even know what's happening?

We used to lie under the stars Now all I see are scars You are my brightest galaxy But now i'm on worry

Loving you is just like railing Uncertain yet exciting I always know I'm not missing Cause you're my Polaris Always right there, always guiding

I made you wear your longest gown From there you are beautiful from top to down Your eyes, your nose, your lips Even your simplest smile, Get me out of frown

My life has been a puzzle And you're my favorite piece Yet you are the piece that is missing And so i'm wondering If it's a lonely travelling

Dim the lights and find your way to me Through space and time, until we meet Feel the tension rise and let it be Let the universe know we'll soon be free

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