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A Fighter's Journey

A Fighter's Journey

By MR.J | Janrey | 27 Apr 2020

A Fighter's Journey

"What a journey it has been"

Derived from the song we always used to sing.

Amazing how we knew the lyrics, but not the meanings.

Just like how we are blind to the dark side of things.

The day starts with music in the shower.

Booming music against the silence all over.

Dressing up, ready for the day

About to fight a war, we never meant to wage.

Leaving without breakfast.

The peace never seems to last.

From beeping horns to traffic, To a day spent beneath the shadows cast.

Burning sun, insecure glares, Walking down corridors, with torturous states,

Your anxiety alarms, the warning blares,

As you run for your life, thinking nobody cares.

You look around, you go straight home.

You lay in bed, feeling like you have sins to atone.

You sang the song in a light whisper,

"I won't let the darkness in" but dear, it's obviously been

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I was a former journalist


I was a former journalist in our school and I love writing

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