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If you are like almost everybody on the planet you’ve seen the critical issues we all are facing and understand the consequences of not solving many problems almost immediately will have unbearable costs to humanity as a whole. It seems most people have at least one idea that if implemented would be helpful to some degree but their voices are silenced and suppressed. With little optimism left almost everyone I know including myself then ask the question “what can I do?”. The reality is the necessary solutions that would benefit humanity as a whole and bring about real change will not come from those who are currently in roles that only exist to find and implement such solutions. In fact most that occupy those roles are actively working to make sure nothing changes or even make things worse. They use war tactics and weapons of all types of destruction on their own constituents and have went even farther to effect people in every corner of the world. One of the things as an American that really weighs on me is that so many evil things have been done in my name and with my resources. This disgusts me as it should disgust you too. It seems that some of the biggest barriers to correcting course are the censorship and propaganda that distorts truth and demonize anyone that tries to point out the hypocrisy or expose the truth. The division they have engineered and used as a weapon on us all to distract us from the actual enemy to us all, which is the elites who have been implementing the war on us all. The industrial military complex that is obviously out of control has become the biggest evil the world has ever seen. The treasure of all people on the planet are targeted as well as the individual. People have been turned into a resource and are treated as insignificant numbers, nothing more than data on a spread sheet. The more educated and knowledgeable  you become from personally  researching and critically thinking the more pessimistic you become. However the light and beauty of the world and of the spirit of people has not been extinguished and it still flickers as a reminder that people are much more than we have been led to believe. Over the last few years it’s become clear there is something greater than us, there is good and evil, we have a purpose, we have a responsibility, we have the ability, we are all connected and if enough people  can be woken up to realize it then we will get to see the miracles of the human spirit. It is hard to comprehend the size of transformation that would occur if the energy and resources spent on war, control and sinful actions that the global parasites of the United Nations, world economic forum and many other corrupt psychopaths were used instead for nurturing and caring for the planet and all its inhabitants how much different would life be. Seriously, that’s with the resources we actually have today what do you think the world would look like if the resources spent on researching weapons,  developing weapons, using weapons and rebuilding the infrastructure it destroyed was used to build schools, find cures for disease, build homes with clean water, grow healthy food, provide safe communities where people could focus on growing spiritually and intellectually with support of each other. I realize that we should accept no other path than that and yet we accepted corruption, greed, destruction, perversion and sickness to grow instead. With this realization of possibilities we must remember that all journeys no matter how big start with a step. As a citizen of the U.S.A. I have come to believe that if we want to protect any body including ourselves we must first clean our own house from the infestation of evil that has been allowed to thrive and take over. The thing that the people must rise up against and fight isn’t an idea or a single faction it has infiltrated most of society and all sides of it as well, such as schools, science, churches and political affiliation ( republican and democrats)  as an example. You can not expect a broken and corrupted system can be the tool used to fix the broken corrupted system. You also must realize such a broken corrupted system will not allow in an actual vehicle of change or person that threatens it. This is a hard truth we must realize. The only real change can come from the people. Criminals can not be expected to police themselves with integrity or morals that are necessary. Those that are supposed to represent the people have proven that they will not be our voice, they will not speak for us. The people must speak for themselves and as a collective. There are a lot of complex issue and ideas but there are a lot of simple core beliefs that everyone can agree on and that is what the focus needs to be on. Everyone wants safety for their families. Everyone wants to be happy. We can all agree that hurting people is wrong along with many other things that are not being adhered to by the establishment in place today. Trends are a good metric to use when determining where we are at and where we are likely going economically and societally. Those trends of bunker building;  accumulating of resources such as non-perishable food, weapons, ammunition, medical supplies and prepping resources are terrifying and should be screaming to you we are at a point where we must make a course correction or accept destruction. If we passively watch and say nothing or only troll social media, complain,  attack each other or simply ignore everything altogether , then we have accepted and went along with creating a unacceptable future for our children if there is a future at all. I have come to believe  if you blindly picked names from any jail roster in the country to run this country we’d probably be better off today but definitely wouldn’t be any worse off. Even hardened thugs don’t accept child predators and abusers. There would have been a war on child molesters not on drugs. We should acknowledge how terrible or at the very least ineffective the people that are in power or part of the system are, and how they tend to corrupt all that join the system in hopes of changing it.  If we were to have genuine and compassionate people in control of our institutions, where you would be held accountable for wrong doings and rewarded for doing the right thing,  there is no doubt the country and world we live in would be unrecognizable compared  to what we have today. I am sure that the inherently good, true heroes and geniuses of the world walk among us everyday. Most of you don’t even know that it is you I am talking about. Most of the people who can save us from the destructive path we are on today you can find simply by looking in the mirror and be willing to accept your purpose and responsibility. I personally do not have all the answers and can not find a place with the sole purpose is to facilitate you all coming together and grow shared ideas into a Movement and ultimately reality. I do believe that evil is powerless when the good are present and  unafraid. So with that said I am asking for whoever reads this to participate in the discussion of solutions. Focusing for now on solutions for America. I created a Reddit page called fixusa. Where the sole purpose is to create a new narrative of solutions in which we the people will decide. Where ideas not people are to be discussed and debated passionately. The collective Power of brainstorming ideas and ways to implement them can never be matched. It would be so encouraging and enlightening to be able to listen to as many people as possible focusing only on how to fix the U.S.. No one needs to be left out and no one needs to ask “what can I do”? What you can do is donate your thoughts to the conversation. That is all you need to do and you can do it from anywhere at anytime. We can teach and be taught from each other. So come with an open mind and good intentions. Remember the reason they try to silence you is because it’s the most powerful weapon you have and they can not defeat it. So please donate your voice and let’s grow together. The world needs you. Yes I am talking directly to you. There is no small amount of impact you can make. From ideas or telling others to be heard it’s all needed right now. You are needed right now. Go to fixusa on Reddit. At the time of writing the page was just now created and has no body there. We need you! The people of the world and all our children need you. We can’t allow any more bombs to be dropped in our names at our expense for the self serving interest of a evil corrupt few!  A Flap of a butterfly’s wings grows into a Hurricane. A spark is all it takes to turn into a raging fire. We are running out of time as the earth and inhabitants are crying out for help. Every time you see your reflection in a mirror or the water or the shadow at your feet just know that is the hero the world is waiting for you  just haven’t realized it yet.   

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