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The answers they don’t want you to realize

Many people are in a state of shock, traumatized or overwhelmed with the never ending crisis we find ourselves living through today. There are so many issues and all of them are super complex like the Russia invasion, covid and financial markets. You can spend your time just going through the data trying to grasp just one subject on an issues and each issue has so many layers your head will spin. Not to mention sifting through the extreme amount of propaganda, unverifiable information and extremely narrow minded partisan content would take a team. The news cycle never stops and the rate in which new content appears is staggering. The economic situation we are in today  doesn’t leave room for much optimism in a time where hope and optimism is needed more now than ever. Everything seems to be politicized and finding factual verifiable information is like finding the needle in the haystack. It also seems the stakes couldn’t be any higher but then something else gets added to plate to consider such as schools and parents rights as well as our own government agencies spying on its own people. We have seen the Canadian trucker protest and are about to see the American version as well. Like many I also thought “well what can I do about it.” That’s when a lot of things started to become clear to me. There has been an assault on freedoms globally and a public plan to create a new world order by a coalition of governments and wealthy elites who state “you will own nothing and be happy about it.” Well I don’t like the idea of that and even more I don’t like the idea of seeing America fall apart. So I posed a question to myself and others asking if you were able to give the president a list of demands to fix the country what would it be? The thing that was most surprising was people said very little or just repeated  what you’d find on any cable news channel. That’s when I realized how much trouble the country is in at this time. Luckily it seems there something else happening right now that has been called the great awakening. This leaves me hopeful that people have the ability to shake off the propaganda and look past the surface like I was starting to. It just hit me that everything everywhere you looked seemed to be a coordinated wedge issue getting driven between people which made me realize that change wouldn’t happen with the people divided this much. It’s like we forgot there are Issues that most people from any political party would agree with. With the effort put into dividing people there had to be a reason why the whirlwind and and divisiveness is so relentless.i have come to believe it’s  because if people talked without arguments they’d find they agree on a lot of significant issues that could upend the corrupted monopoly inside of Washington DC. Starting with the government is in desperate  need of radical changes to save it from imploding with run away spending lack of accountability and endless self serving actions that break the oath of office. When I was able to drown out the noise I thought of just a few things that can hopefully help someone else to start to think differently about what we can do and what would bring positive change. Here is what I came up with as a starting point( lobbying should be illegal, there should be term limits, it should be illegal for public officials to knowingly lie to the public, Congress should have to live under the laws they pass, funding should be cut from any government agency that is used as a weapon against its own people, it should be illegal for companies to hold patents to suppress technology, budgets should have to be balanced every time, there should be a system where the public can voice their opinions and vote for mandatory action from congress, insider trading should be illegal, close tax loopholes, end privatization of our monetary system and many more things that are intentionally left out of the narrative .) When I look at those ideas I realize that they are not partisan at all and the change these things alone would make would pull the plug on run away government control. What I realized is that without the whirlwind of wedge issues forced upon us every where we look people would come together and break the corrupt system which only lives for its survival. We may have reached a point where the people are going to demand that they are heard and to make sure we do not miss this opportunity to do what the elected won’t do I am asking people to wake up. Think differently come together on what we do agree on and let’s change those things. I am sure there are more ideas that will have a greater impact and when people focus on effecting change we will see a better way. The elected officials have lost their ability to speak for the people so the people will have to speak for themselves in one unified voice that must be heard. We the people are in charge and need to remind the self serving politicians. Like in animal farm when the rules change little by little and you never agreed and it gets hard to tell the difference between the people and the pigs then we must clean our house and get it back in order. As Americans we owe it to the country, veterans, children and the world. Please wake up come together before it’s too late. The words from Ronald Reagan’s “time for choosing “ speech  are worth listening to as a reminder of how important this time in our history and it can not be under stated!


If you could give a list of demands to fix this country what would you put on your list? 

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