I had hired a contractor to repair and finsh building my fence. I was promised it would be done quickly and that I would not have to pay for it completely alone since my neighbor would share the fence my contractor said he could convince my neighbor to share in the cost. I did not care about the cost I just wanted my fence built. So I said let’s build it and I would talk to my neighbor after but not to worry about it. I paid up front and signed a contract since he was seemingly a good contractor and I really liked him and trusted him. He did order the materials and started to work on installing the fence. At first everything was going well no issues and it looked like he was going to get done and pretty quickly and I had no complaints or worries. About half way through things started to fall apart slowly. It started with a weather delay which is no body’s fault but once he was not on site and working on my project it was nearly impossible to get him back. Then the excuses and blame started. First it was he was under the weather and would get to it as soon as he could. Then it was his secretary had scheduled other projects and he was sorry but had been double booked. He again promised to finish my project as soon as possible. He continued to put me off and blamed other people like other contractors doing bad work that he had to fix tied him up, to a pending lawsuit he had to deal with first. It was never ending. I was getting mad at this point since it was becoming clear I may have gotten screwed. I decided I should just find someone else to just finish the job. I was getting tired of seeing the materials just laying around on the ground exposed th the weather and it was not a lot of work left to do. I figured it wouldn’t cost that much and I’d deal with him later. I would call him every so often but all I was getting was the same old excuses and it was always someone else’s fault. I then found a different contractor who knew of my original contractor. He then told me of a ton of projects that the first contractor didn’t finish or in one way or another screwed the customer. He said he felt bad for people that were deceived and that he hated contractors like that because they give good contractors a bad name. So I hired the new contractor to finish the project. The second contractor turned out to be more of a jackass then the first one. I won’t get into all the b.s. of the second guy but it was apparent fairly quickly I hired another piece of crap who made promises and ultimately just stole my money and didn’t deliver. I do accept some fault on this because I didn’t spend enough time researching contractors before I hired them. Later I did dig a little more and found that both the contractors were terrible and they lied, cheated and stole from many others. Another interesting thing I did find is that the two contractors actually knew each other personally. I don’t know how well but they often were at the same places and events and also they had a ton of mutual friends. It almost seemed that they may have worked together like the first guy would not finish the job and the second one would follow him and they would get paid twice for the same job and never even finish the work. So my fence is still not complete and it has created some issues. I constantly have neighborhood kids throwing balls in my yard coming in and out all the time. I have no privacy and it’s a hazard. My neighbor has a barbecue and it’s like he just has a bigger yard people don’t even realize where the property lines are and when random people are in your yard uninvited you feel violated a bit. It’s been a never ending nightmare. To wrap up where I am at today I am doing a lot more research on people before I hire them. Turns out you can find more shady con artist then quality individuals when you look into them. I have found a couple of possible contractors but yet to hire anyone. I did put on social media that I was looking for someone to finish my project and I had a few people reach out. The most aggravating thing is that the first jackass actually reached out not knowing it was me and tried to convince me to hire him to finish the job he didn’t finish. I was so offended and mad and thought what idiot would fall for that. NOT ME. So the search continues. Remember not to hire crappy people and do some research or you may be vulnerable and ignorant to the truth. DO NOT HIRE THESE PEOPLE OR ANYONE THEY MAY KNOW!!!!!! TO SEE CONTRACTOR

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