Soullib is a blockchain technology, which is backed by Slib token

By JaksHitam | jaksone | 28 Jan 2022


To live effortlessly, people should track down serenity in every way; particularly their wellbeing. All around the world, mental and psychosocial (psychological wellness) has been difficult for the vast majority. A ton of examination has been done around here. Hence, it has uncovered that an answer is required, because of this dangerous test. These issues lead to nervousness, discouragement and that's only the tip of the iceberg. These issues get compounded constantly and in some cases the main arrangement the patient considers a practical choice, is self destruction. This is consequently, the primary motivation behind why this undertaking is required and was considered. SOULLIB was birthed to tackle mental and psychosocial issues through the arrangement of a shared correspondence stage, by means of the decentralized innovation.

Soullibis is a blockchain innovation, which is upheld by its local digital money; Slib token, for Soullibees to speak with Soullibers continually in the biological system for data spread, explicitly and conventionally on an incredible scale. It further emphasizes that somebody on Soullib is prepared 100% of the time to comprehend and not condemn what is been said or done. Subsequently, the Soullib Dapp is a decentralized informative blockchain stage. The clients are unknown, accordingly making a boundless organization of secrecy. Thus, for this degree of classification to flourish. Everything on Soullib is particularly scrambled from the two sides and upheld through the shrewd agreement calculation. Besides, Soullib gives and is planned through a KYC design and usefulness

Soullib Features
- Scalability
The Soullib undertaking's pace of exchanges, is conclusive of the Polygon Network and a second chain to be chosen by the group. The Soullib Scalable nature makes it capable, conclusive, boundless and boundless in nature when exchanges are done. The stages' adaptable cycle is first to none, that makes it more dependable and appealingly productive.
- Decentralization
The Soullib configuration utilizing brilliant agreements, is displayed utilizing the blockchain decentralized design and structure. The decentralized system engineering makes it extraordinary, quick, available from any area and furthermore dynamic for more extensive security access by all clients.
- Adaptability
The Soullib project adaptability is planned fundamentally on the reason and needful build to make it adaptable and versatile for all clients on the blockchain space.
- Adoption
Soullib is a tokenized project which characterizes reception on all levels by people, companies and wellbeing foundations. The Adoption element of the venture makes its usefulness dependable at all levels and activities. The reception structure eliminates any sort of cutoff points to the task for clients around the world.
- KYC: Know-Your-Customer
Soullib project utilizes a conventional KYC include for Soulibers on the stage.

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Token Network
Soullib which is the biological system, has made a local money which is the Soullib token with image "Slib" as per Polygon Network standards controlled by the Smart Contract plan conventions to meet the idea of the idea and its detail and supply. The possibility of Polygon Network is inferable from the throughput of its convention and thinking about the element of interoperability and programming language. The versatility and charges are likewise imperative central focuses as clients will execute consistently on its convention without any concerns of inactivity, high gas expenses, contradiction, and above all, the execution by engineers. We additionally put into thought the simplicity of coordination by outsider programming organizations that offer crypto wallet administrations.


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