Lanuna Finance - The Best Rebase and Auto Staking Protocol

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APY represents Annual Percentage Yield. This actions the genuine pace of return on your chief sum by producing into account the results of building revenue. With Lanuna Finance, your $LUNU tokens address your head, and the accruing funds is added occasionally on each Rebase occasion (Every 6 minutes), also called an 'Age'. Your new chief sum is your then-current $LUNU token sum, in addition to your new rebase token sum. This aggregate sum gets determined for your next rebase rewards.

Risk Control Fund (RCF) represents for the Risk Control Fund which is a different wallet in Lanuna framework. The RCF utilizes a calculation that backs the Rebase Rewards and is upheld by a piece of the trade exchanging expenses that build the RCF wallet.
RCF Keeps holders protected by :
- Staying away from streak crash through cost security
- Accomplishing long haul supportability and future development of the Lanuna Protocol
- Extraordinarily diminishing disadvantage risk

The Treasury is a significant piece of Lanuna convention as extra monetary help for the RCF. Its basic capacities are intended to guarantee the development and manageability of LUNU. This extra help can become significant in case of an outrageous value drop of the $LUNU token or unanticipated dark swan occasion. It assists with laying out a story an incentive for the $LUNU tokens. The depository may likewise be utilized to subsidize new Lanuna items, administrations, and undertakings that will grow and offer more benefit to the Lanuna people group as well as giving financing to advertising.

Auto-Liquidity Provide
Lanuna Auto-Liquidity Provide Feature will consequently infuse liquidity into the market like clockwork,. The expense charge on each purchase (2%) or sell request (5%) that naturally gets put away into an Auto-LP wallet and incorporated into our convention's brilliant agreement. This instrument consequently changes over half of $LUNU sum put away in the wallet into BNB at current market rate. The leftover half of $LUNU will be utilized to fortify the LUNU liquidity by laying out an equivalent 50/50 weighting of LUNU/BNB.


$LUNU holders will get a return with a maintainable Fixed APY of 1,822,684.19% intensifying EVERY 6 minutes.
For instance: A speculation of $100 LUNU will bring its holder $1,822,684.19 LUNU in only a year. Next to, Move To Earn Application is under creating by Lanuna Finance - which will assist clients with acquiring benefit by running action.

Advantages of joining lanuna Finance
Marking is currently simpler, more effective and beneficial with Lanuna Finance Auto-Staking Protocol. It's acquiring the most elevated stable returns crypto.
- Programmed LP
Lanuna Auto-Liquidity Provide Feature will infuse computerized liquidity into the market like clockwork. There is an expense charge (2% Buy and 5% Sell) that naturally gets put away into an Auto-LP wallet and incorporated into our convention's brilliant agreement.
- Most noteworthy Fixed APY
Most noteworthy fixed APY will be 1,822,684.19%. Lanuna's award is fixed for clients and your resources will increment by 0.01120% like clockwork.
- Generally safe with the Risk Control Fund (RCF)
RCF wallet will supports and back the marking rewards given by the positive rebase of which 4% purchase and 6% deal are diverted to the RCF.
- Straightforward and Safe Staking
To get the prize, you simply need to purchase and hold $LUNU tokens in your wallet. The prizes will be included your wallet. You don't have to store in outsider or move anyplace. It's straightforward and incredibly alright for your resource.
- Move To Earn Application
With move to procure highlight, Lanuna clients acquire more pay as well as work on their wellbeing. We should utilize Lanuna NFT and complete the transition to get reward.

Lanuna Token
$LUNU is a Bep20 token with a flexible stockpile which rewards its holders with a positive rebase equation, alongside Rebase, Auto-Staking and Auto-Compounding for an unequaled frame high APY: 1,822,684.19%
Token Details
LUNU Contract Address: 0xc180dc32De23f03768B9F66a1aB47DC16aD76501
Token Name: Lanuna Finance
Image: LUNU
Decimals: 5
Introductory Supply: 1,000,000

Launch App :


Purchase and Sell Fees
$LUNU trade expenses are a significant part of the Lunanu Finance Protocol. They give funding to filling basic roles to the convention. Different conventions use offering bonds to help similar capacities as $LUNU expenses, yet we accept that approach is less secure since, in such a case that bonds are not bought, the token can lose its help and winding lower in cost as we have seen with a few of these bond based conventions.

Selling bonds additionally cost symbolic holders. It decreases how much APY that can be offered and dispenses with the capacity to offer a stable APY. How much the charges (10% for purchases and 17% for sells) permits to furnish $LUNU holders with a steady high return of 1,822,684.19% APY yearly.

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