KYC Coin is a hybrid B2C / B2B project that makes cryptocurrency payments and investments easy, fast and secure

By JaksHitam | jaksone | 13 Jan 2022

Different Ways To Use the KYCC Wallet

KYC Coin is a crossover B2C/B2B project that makes digital money installments and ventures simple, quick and secure. It depends all alone blockchain, which utilizes a high level protection calculation and an innovative powerful store network guideline convention. Any individual who possesses KYC coins can stake and get rewards. For individual business people and independent companies, a full arrangement of instruments is offered, both on the web and disconnected: a crypto installment entryway, invoicing and moment admittance to reserves got, making installments, producing another location for every exchange. There are additionally many benefits for organizations contrasted with installments utilizing bank cards and different administrations that give handling of cryptographic money installments. On account of us, you can assume total responsibility for your computerized resources.

KYCC offers for digital currency clients
The marked KYC Coin charge card takes the best highlights of the well known Binance and cards and further enhances them in the accompanying ways:
- Any digital money upheld by the wallet can be immediately changed over to fiat and moved to the card equilibrium or back to cryptographic money
- The main expense for such a transformation is the trade spread
- The card will be proposed to clients from 150+ nations of the world, not simply to the inhabitants of the EU, US, and Canada
- High week by week and month to month withdrawal restricts paying little heed to the sum put away on the cardAutomatic mix with commercial centers and installment frameworks
- Use charges don't rely upon the number of KYCC the client stakes in the wallet
- Capacity to connect the card to a particular cryptocoin in the wallet

Right now, not all activities have prevailed with regards to giving check cards, so we intend to work with Wallester, which gives installment administrations approved by The Estonian Financial Services Supervision Agency and offers a total white mark answer for organizations that need to send off their own cards. These administrations have been planned and considered to meet current and future client needs with an accentuation on development, unwavering quality, and security, and have as of now substantiated themselves in the commercial center.


- Cashback : Just like with Binance and cards, clients will procure cashback on web-based buys.
- Multi-chain support : Apart from KYCC, the wallet will uphold crypto more to be included what's to come.
- Implicit talk : When the client taps on a symbol of a contact, a menu window is shown. In it, you can add a client to your rundown of contacts, make a solicitation or make an installment.
- Moment digital money trade : The wallet will have an inherent change work that gets ongoing information on cryptographic money costs from decentralized prophets (basically Chainlink).
- Without commission moves : Sending cryptographic money starting with one KYC Coin wallet then onto the next will be totally free.
- Invoicing : KYC Coin wallet clients can make solicitations in a couple of taps: pick a contact, select a digital currency, enter the sum, and hit 'Send'. Assuming you wish, you can leave a remark on the gave installment.
- Top choices : The client will actually want to pick at least 5 contacts and add them to the Top choices rundown to be shown on the fundamental screen of the wallet.
- Shake to Pay : Free Instant Payments. It is one of the most significant highlights of the KYC Coin wallet.

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