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How to register payeer account

How to register for payeer wallets to receive payments from timebucks and many other projects

By JackYang | JackYang | 22 Apr 2020


      Hello! Today I would like to share with you how to register and verify your e-wallet account to receive payments from timebucks and many other projects. Why did I choose payeer account? This e-wallet allows you to withdraw money to your visa or mastercard account, even if your account has not been verified, in one day you can withdraw 2000USD to your account. In addition, you can buy and sell bitcoins through this electronic wallet.

In this article I will share with you:

1. / Register payeer account

2. / Verify Payeer account

3./ How to link payeer account to timebucks account


1. / Register a payeer account

To register your account, please click the sign up button below:

Đăng ký ngay - Tan, Tải xuống HD Png, Hình ảnh Png trong suốt - PNGitem

When you click the Sign Up Now button the screen will appear as the following image:



+ Step 1: Click the green button CREATE ACCOUNT to start creating an account.
+ Step 2: At the new interface, you fill out the information for yourself.



           - Your E-mail: Enter the address you want to register.

           - Security code: You enter the sequence number behind in, then select Create Account to move to the next step.

+ Step 3: After clicking Create Account, the screen will appear as below, meaning that people have sent a sequence of numbers to your email, please access the mail and copy that number and paste it into the Confirmtion code section to perform Create Account.



+ Step 4: Email content as below. If in the main folder you do not see the spam .



+ Step 5: After copying the sequence into Confirmtion code and selecting Create Account, we will come to the step of entering the password, account name + Pin code of your e-wallet follow the instructions.



       - New password: enter your password (Note: there must be uppercase letters and numbers)
       - Repeat new password: the password you retype
      - Secret Word: is a series of numbers like the pin code of your bank account (There are 6 digits you enter so that it is easy to remember because every time you need to enter this verification code)
       - Account name: you enter your account name (Just name the same as your ID to make sure ^^).

+ Step 6: When your screen appears as shown below, then update your name + country -> click on Done to be ok. After clicking, the website will take you to the e-wallet homepage.



2. / Verify Payeer account

       To verify your account follow these steps. You click on the triangle arrow the position on the top right corner (Account no) - >> select Activity. 



When you select "Go" in the verification section, the following information will appear:

- Type of account: Choose Personal
- Full name: Enter your full name
- Date of birth: birthday
- Country: Country name
- Address: Enter the address as shown on your identity card
- Your passport or ID: Upload a photo ID or passport photo on the back. Note that the image must not be distorted or edited.
- Proof of address: Verify address (Here it is recommended to use bank statements or utility bills). Please take a picture or scan the file and then upload it.

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After completing all information, select the green "SEND" button to proceed with account verification.

3. / How to link payeer account to timebucks account

At the timebucks interface, select SETTINGS -> Payment Method.



- Payment Method: Click on the payeer item (Meaning of choosing a payeer payment method), The picture above is that I use bitcoin.
- Payeer Email: you enter your email address, the mail you use to register payeer offline (This is the timebucks address used to pay for me). Or you can also enter your account number.

After completing the information, select the Update payment method in green. So in this section I have shared with you how to register a payeer account and link payeer account with timebucks to receive payment. Good luck!

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