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The cost of the Russian sanctions

The cost of the Russian sanctions

In today's blog article I'm going to discuss a very important subject that's going to affect all of us no matter who we are. If you live in the west your especially going to feel the effects of these recent sanctions. Everything from food to gas could see price increases last longer with the effects of them being harsher than they already are. However, there is also good news from these recent sanctions as not all is bad and lost. So if you want to learn more then keep reading as I'm going to cover all of these topics. So without furthermore, let's dive into the article.          

The price of goods

Today's prices could be tomorrow's discounts as more sanctions come down on Russia. The price increases will mostly be felt through necessities like food and gas. However, the price of other goods could come down and can see price stabilization. Goods such as cars and computer parts might finally see some cool off on price action as Russia gets cut off from these goods. Leaving a surplus in companies' inventories to sell to western markets where they are in desperate need of these goods. For the time seeing it seems the goods market might see some volatility.   AVvXsEiIfGLz1NnOS05ocMF3pT8ZS1uso5tsJHCuyWKLACJGld8D4221-Hdlnd4j8jD-a9UeZ29IBTnplWid5fhLmckXYlXF1txOJbU5d5HkEQg0f3IT0WtS1a1VRgYxhHQgB6fxL73LsysA6MwUQrqJZ1NRhQ77Y6wItpZL8PZihEQSfkuZonqRnRwJfmk=s320

As I'm sure many of you know by now inflation is a big problem the west is feeling it's even more of a serious problem for the united states. Current reported inflation rates are stated to be at 7.9% but those numbers are underreported and don't take into account housing which has seen an increase in value since the start of the pandemic. So number a likely in the double digits if we are, to be honest, and realistic. However, the Fed is expected to raise interest rates in the coming months so we can expect inflation to come down a little. However, I wouldn't rely on the Fed going through with it or it has too much of an effect. So my best advice is just to invest in assets which leads us to our next topic of discussion.  AVvXsEi0WFO9_OmjAnB1-PRSYRCp7haX-SWy4tFOgXRhNpUpNzfDaDKJkdTXB5J7xKQB4kvJal-dR487jenwceAD39fuNCzw0OcuBURybahpIa7M4YQP9oL9L8nd_7esLDJhsYvsI_iBHdchgIiRcOr599Kq2vVmfLTwFNV3-VGvH-3p5yj7PaP_TAC4xBU


Assets have been very volatile since the beginning of the war and the sanctions. Commodities have been performing the best out of all of the asset classes besides one other one. With precious metals and oil doing the best right now out of the Commodities. However, the one asset that's been keeping up with the Commodities market is the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin in recent days has seen major price action going upwards bringing bitcoin up to 42k before it came down and then shot back up to 40k again with the news of Biden signing an executive order on crypto. However, the market is now seeing some sales so the market might go down for the weekend. However, if this war continues and more sanctions are put on Russia more Russians are going to be fleeing to bitcoin to save their money. So in the long run I'm bullish on crypto however that's now finical advice and is my personal opinion. Stocks are doing bad right now due to all the Macro conditions so don't expect them to recover anytime soon.   AVvXsEiDgLZo17rVnxEWl-ru009UU9ehZt7hx9t_yF9arNXnbz5zNhCcoUth1lsi3rw9aq-Bmxogp7eOCnhrCn5HSnIe6jFEU9CM3FoSCpbLGAPI75zh3LH1M1QQBOKUgAU6mQ8VOZqlevh5JH5aqzcs_Ux9HCX1phZZ8eIyFT4kG-wPXgO0Xhz2Uuk0q4s


My Final Words     

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