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Spookyswap (Boo) Review

Spookyswap (Boo) Review

In todays article I want to discuss with you my readers and followers the spookyswap exchange and the boo token that is tied to the DeFi exchange. I have recently bought boo and thought that it would make a great blog topic to discuss for multiple reasons. One being It'll explain my investment to you my readers on why I bought this coin so that if you wanted to buy this coin you'll be more informed. Second to help you make easy fast passive income with this exchange and token. This isn't financial advice so please don't take this article as such this is only to inform you always do your own research. So without anymore having to be said lets get into the article.      

Spookyswap DeFi exchange

Spookswap is a DeFi exchange on the fantom opera network. Since it is on the fantom opera network the transaction fees are going to be way more cheaper then Ethereum with fees only being a couple of cents. Alongside fast transaction time which overall makes spookyswap a great exchange for DeFi beginners and crypto holders with small bags. The exchange has multiple bridges for multiple chains so you can swap between the major blockchains. The exchange also offers liquidity pools for you to join so you can start farming rewards from your cryptos. All you have to do is go to the potions tab and then create liquidity provider potions so you can start farming.  Now lets move onto why exactly you should invest into the exchange and the boo token.      AVvXsEgdKS0LXuQkW5fnwC23Yec92xA7PBEySvJmfHOd8MlDEewRoI9W2FlLl1TM9WXMoHoNkzIUH0wWyzLxMwCk8U9k0xwEFlu710OGbPq-jTbjXlrQD302Sl45YS9YCqe9lUtsrEA9jUAgX9deGC9Yw0Gs89MOsUMXSDc35U2bmEr_WGDAzTp_qiY14lk

Why invest into Boo token

Now besides for having cheap transaction fees that let you get in and out of liquidity pools there are other reasons as to why you should buy the boo token. First lets start with staking the boo token. Once you buy some boo tokens and convert them into xboo you can start staking and earning rewards on your boo coins. The staking rates are different between the token selection you have to earn rewards in. I personally like Hector DAO so that's what I stake my coins into. When you stake your boo tokens you also earn some back you don't just earn all in the one token you select you can see the different rates for how much you earn of each by going overt the APY. Also reward rates vary between the tokens listed.  Another reason to buy into the boo token and spookyswap exchange is because of the easy interface spookyswap has when it comes to swaping, staking, and farming. They also have a NFT collection for the exchange as well which is great for marketing which is always good for a crypto.   AVvXsEjIEU6eCczQrM-Kw0c1Ncjn8lXnAgDNDrBpqGXPuOhcZwynH28lgz6gHYCvOf5I08hWMQiXsBnigYkAulKmSevEhIZOgqpNweaLqbQ4kunJr9tL0a62bNClAx4y_2-lwgXeLoSCSl3QdDGiDd7wkXX9yQgTbB3n3IdxgaFNwTmHm-4V_uOsMrRldiI

Boo price predictions

Now I'm going to try to give my best price prediction for this cryptocurrency. First let's start with where boo is at right now. As of writing this article (3/14/22) the price of boo is at $11.70 with a 24 hour loss of 6.7%. Now it had a all time high of $39.97 months ago still during this bear run we are experiencing. I believe that once the bull run picks up again and the recent news of Andre Cronje quitting goes away the price will pick up. I also believe that once the marketing of this token and exchange is improved and furthered that more traction will come to the Boo token. Also as more TVL (Total value locked) is brought in the price of this coin should go up and also increase the reward ratees of boo further increasing it and the exchanges value. If boo get anywhere near uniswaps market cap which I believe it can with the way it's heading now then we can see boo hit price hit up to $500. Which means we can see anywhere between a 30 to 36 x. Now you understand why I have bought this crypto and plan on buying more soon.   AVvXsEiiH_to2fDw0ZgCFjG4xDJ2aOsWuh0XpiN3Y4Dbr5KXQegBQOexEt0KWHOnSswZ6RufFnz7tCEIqgh1dd9K0asZDEYiqtR1ehxPoyURAvxinMK92nJotszZem6vidGijpiY3V-dbBhmpmHECqm3ZupdSKDuqJ4mCrcS_0XYBoTpcXbP1bPXnOgQ_bI

My Final Words     

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