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My top 5 passive income apps

My top 5 passive income apps

In today's blog post we will cover what are my top 5 passive income earning apps. All of these apps I use so I can tell you personally they all work. I have also tested these apps for almost a year now and have encountered no problems so you shouldn't either. So if you enjoyed the blog and have started earning because of it then share with a friend or someone you know that can use it. So without anymore left to be said let us get into today's blog post.     


A great app to use on your phone as well as your computer if you want. But what this app does is allow you to sell the unused internet you're not using. A great way to make passive income off of multiple devices is as you are allowed to connect as many as you want to the app. How much you earn all depends on your internet speed and if you got a data cap. You don't need WIFI however to make money from this app you can also use mobile data if you wish. I don't notice any slowing down in speeds however if you do have multiple devices connected and slow WIFI then you might experience some slowdowns. Sign up using the link below and you'll get 5 free dollars added to your honey gain app. There is a minimum requirement to withdraw but it's only 20 dollars. AVvXsEj1f_sjGGs1rEdx0QF50KjPMHYM4Pp1jchUGwNFTaGRKHF1aAPobS4MVmA7I3dkeTJIXeymO-wfo3Qf-s5BE5KKSJqCuepJ_24mpe93OcLQIidcjWayrnu8FtUIkajjPsJ1MPzeCZ5Ir3TqZDGgXWYh3wYOnypnK7xNOlx5UEl-oakPbKpQzlcmXQM=s320


Brave browser

Another browser I found this time that rewards you for using it. How you earn on this browser are you just browse the internet like you usually would but sometimes pop up ad by brave will pop up when that happens your rewarded BAT token which is the browsers cryptocurrency and as of right now one BAT is worth $0.5549 as of (7/8/21). It doesn't get in the way or intrude on anything so don't worry about it interfering with your browsing experience. Sometimes the ads are useful and will provide discounts or promos for some websites and products. The ads are also checked by brave so you won't be getting any scams. This browser also blocks out ads and has done a good job of that so far. It also stops cookies and improves the speed of the browser. Overall I like brave and have now made it the main browser that I use on mobile. There is also a desktop version you can use too.     brave%2Bbrowser.jpg        

Mobile performance meter

This app is very simple and easy to start earning from. All you have to do is download this app and just let it run in the background. You paid 5 points a day but you can boost it up to 10 points per day by doing the surveys they offer. It's as simple as that it doesn't kill your battery or data so you don't need to worry about those things when running this app. The way they make money from this and pay you is they use the data from your phone to be used in marketing research.   AVvXsEj_LKoadYbQagAYRbNSs69muzRP7Hs-aaNlvCdQB15aSMZMiFCyJK5zM8-TwRgrMGwKNLrJmSbOkbaDi3H9-fYJexv2L4Xa73CB0C-wALWJ52dNDeyVFCLnV287I003I-4AZw3MvKLkPJCdoAugkzzxxZ4yJNxRtR0ri_CXbtJSm3YwNIXIWrWvRzg


Now, this app is on both smartphones and desktops, and laptops. On this app, you earn points just for having the app. You can also do surveys that give you points as well as connect your debit/credit card and get points for that as well. If you do everything it asks of you to set up your account then you start earning 100 points per week as a weekly paycheck. You can get payouts in all sorts of ways from gift cards to cryptocurrencies. Use the link below to get started 




GeoCash is an app that pays you in Geocoin which is a cryptocurrency currently valued at $0.12 per coin as of 3/17/22. All the app does is use your location 24/7 on your phone to grant you rewards whenever you travel anywhere. So this means whenever you are on the move you get paid. But if you leave your phone on the charger all day or don't keep your phone in your pocket you won't get paid at all. So far I've made 47 geocoins from this app I don't update it as much as I need to because of space on my phone but when I do I do earn a good amount. If you do sign up for the app use my code to help support me and to earn yourself some extra geocoins as well.  Code:JACK216_PRWSBV  AVvXsEhhHwJVqWNaACGPHVTFrQI4aMzLNCYwBN_TTu3JBbIn6WUh2sdzL2032P2MgWwcEywVR9qAJX0vuariPq9nrvshTSBMYCZIOMBosxXjM1L1PvsYuYW0oHBgDkfDgjMH_qBxBIp9jvymXdaAZj6MPQ7f27WngJ2mJsx7dDmW_7YEFq1uqL1P8Qs-9P8=s320


My Final Words     

If you enjoyed the blog leave a like and share it on social media. Leave me some feedback with your comments to let me know how I did. Let me know what you liked and what you didn't so I can improve the blog. All your likes and comments are deeply appreciated. They motivate me to write more and better blogs and help me expand and help spread the word. Make sure to follow the blog to stay up to date. You can also follow the blog's Instagram where I post daily content as well as letting people know when my new blog post drops and I also give out my crypto trades on there. Then there's also my website where you can put in a submission form to let me know what topics you want me to cover along with other things such as referral codes and affiliate links. Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it. 

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