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How to appease the algorithms

How to appease the alortgihm

in todays blog post I wanted to cover a subject I'm sure many of my content creator followers and reader want to know about. Or perhaps you are getting into content creation and just want a head start on how the algorithms work so you can get the best results when you start. Whatever your conditions are when it comes to writing I want to try to help you the best I can. So that's why in todays blog article we are going to cover how you can make the algorithm happy. With all that being stated lets get into todays helpful article.        

Content interaction

Now content interaction is probably one of the most important factors the algorithms take into consideration when spreading your content around. This shows the algorithms that you don't just have a bunch of inactive followers following your content but active fans who actually appreciate the content you make. It also shows that you didn't just pay for your followers and that everything is organic. It's also very important that you also interact with you followers as well. This shows the algorithms that you're not a bot and actually care about your content and community. Talking and liking your readers comments whenever they comment is a good way to interact with your community because it shows that you actually care about your blog and care for your fanbase.  AVvXsEhq_0-P2rYkcLb8Vuy7qnBbJudqsWqzR__vBD9yYKO5Ukt3RDwIexnFo2M2ICPpqscvzuRlD_zo9IR-o5rw94hX5Tlj56_sHoFj0kFuBz56yj-0_NId6n3RiXm1ymgE5vc-y298UV9NDXOWZhgbAYsfg6Z_OPW-dUlokMxzV1p6AzALAoZXcM6KxcM

 Posting schedule

A very big important factor when it comes to being a successful blogger or writer online is timing. Being consistent and posting at the right times and days is a big factor when it comes to appeasing the algorithm. If your not consistent then the algorithm isn't going to help spread your content around the platform. Now this rule goes for almost all content creation platforms whether that's YouTube or medium the algorithms want their content creators to be very consistent with their content. Not only will the algorithms be happy with your results but so will your fans and readers as well. I would say posting up to 4-6 times a week is a good consistent bases for the majority of platforms.   AVvXsEjIHk7PN4S6-zARk0s_vmbsckPWjcq_3oBCtYQNRZ318g_54Kk2pukiuai9aSzqj1GHRUSspjTPwF4H2_ArGA-jjBpAXjEHusx9j_Rbo803IPBdVsTOFz3KKamVkNY0dt78RU0H1Ae-kDif8X9fd69bPKIxNkrZMwuqUBobUZKJdBYFGA8hobNJoOM


Now while most algorithms don't take into consideration S.E.O it can still help you. If you don't know what S.E.O is then I will quickly explain it to you. S.E.O is a online tool used by most internet browsers to help webpages get onto the front page of the search result. So say someone looks into passive income and me being a content creator I write about passive income a lot so there's a chance my blog might show up on the first page of the search result.  Some ways S.E.O helps is by brining in more organic followers and viewers as S.E.O is one of the best tools to acquire new viewers. Another reason S.E.O can help out is by helping bring in more traffic to your page or channel. This is something that the algorithms take into consideration when spreading your content. As it already shows that your content is on the front page of the internet meaning you are most likely not a bot and are serious about content creation.    AVvXsEggJxtDBFSwXa92w2POpvPL7yeT45DAWakyLOyYj5X75ZQfoDao4kP_TcGAGJzeZ4Rkx85rqGDhWrWaL1Qmn1L6EOf1lM99xDOCXzltf4Zxx67Y6vaVhXn6ZuMdWjv7aJONA1aF-sc9AoHgcisvtT156EsSpCFpHLh7i_stvVICtnxQK9uEugWGRjE


My Final Words     

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