Kitten Natividad - A Strong Woman

By Jackfrost65 | Jackfrost65 | 3 Jul 2019

While she is mostly known for her impressive bustline, Francesca "Kitten" Natividad should truly be credited for her acting ability, her strength in overcoming adversity and her toughness as a survivor.

In an age well before the era of the MeToo movement, Kitten endured countless casting couch episodes to further her acting career, and turned this difficult process into success onscreen time and time again. Rather than be exploited, Kitten has used her fame to make a living in marketing and merchandising her own image, taking over and owning her brand. Her autographed photos and memorabilia are constantly in demand, a tribute to her legacy as a burlesque legend.


In 1999, Kitten underwent a double mastectomy to combat breast cancer, and even that never slowed her down. She continued to work and remains a fan favorite to this day. A biographical documentary is currently in the works, to pay tribute to this remarkable lady, and to share her life and strength with a whole new generation of fans.


I recreated one of her most iconic images in my drawing style, and this art was donated to raise money for the documentary. A lovely lady, tough as nails survivor, and a true icon, Kitten Natividad is one of a kind, and I wish her all the best.

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