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How to earn money #1. Using your search engine.

By Jack Topics | Jack Topics | 6 Feb 2021


Presearch is a decentralized search engine powered by blockchain technology, and that rewards you for each search you make. 

You can perform 32 searches and earn 8 PRE every 24 hours, from then on, your searches will not be awarded.

The current price is:

1 PRE = 0.08551 USD

For that you will receive daily:

8 PRE = 0.68408 USD

In one month it will be:

8 x 30 = 240 PRE = 20.37 USD

The minimum amount to withdraw your balance is 1000 PRE.

Which means that, in about 4 months, you will already have the necessary amount for your withdrawal:

240 x 4 = 960


That's right, simply by using PRESEARCH as your search engine, you can earn up to that amount of USD monthly depending on how the market price is at that time.


Once you have the amount of 1000 PRE you can send it to your wallet.


These are different web wallets supported by Presearch:





 Among many others.


If you use this link you will receive 25 PRE just for registering:

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Jack Topics
Jack Topics

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Jack Topics
Jack Topics

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