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I Am Acting From My Willpower | Inspired actions to aspire an unfathomable 9 week life flip challenge 🕉️

Resistance | 9 Week Life Flip Challenge 

So the much needed talk of why things keep failing and we are forced to take it as lessons. Before that I'll say this one thing I keep telling myself that if anyone I know and truly love is going through a spiritual awakening, I'd step in and be there for them. How would I do this? 

First of all, you need to understand that acting in love makes you the most powerful. Anyone bothered is automatically half as powerful as they were when they were laughing at you. The moment momentum is shifted in negative it's like a drain automatically starts off. So what's the best method of attack? The anaware of course, the one not woke. Easily told he is nothing and he'd believe it. A whole lot of nonsense, some things he thinks it's him but it's never him. Now a study into who we really are will give us the much needed insight into our future past and much of our present shifts into the no time and dimensions beyond, past all that ever was. The house in the fog is huge but it's just a house, what about the universe in the fog, only set for you to find? What's this fog? All the indoctrinations from when you found out about the Bible or Qur'an, whatever your believe is, the fog is all these beliefs and hurdles that we have before us. Disease, everything that puts us off away from ease, disappointed in almost anything ,anger, fear, jealousy, all and most low vibrations are all part of keeping us on the lowest plane of austral projection. So materialistic, so puny, so vane and even these is what we have riduced ourselves to. Why? Because we have come to levels at which we have forgotten who we are, witches have been burned at the stake why? The world started plantibg seeds in others sleep.


In some scriptures the Bible notes Jesus saying that be sober, be vigilant, the enemy goes around like a prowling lion. Note that not as a lion or as a lion he is but like a lion meaning that he is not a lion, why? In this state of prowling its way below anything positive. This is the part you may call devil or Demon, truth to this is that one can be anything, yes even you can be the devil or the God that you worship. Anyway, the enemy goes about in the night sowing his seeds. This seed is from which all the weeds grow, not the weed you smoke, God have mercy o the mfucker who actually called it weed cos it looks nothing like the things you pick from the plants you plants. This plant alongside Ayahuasca, and a lot of others is very much alive, it's a whole awakening on its own. Hate it or love it it's a political as much as it is an economical war. If you follow your history closely you'll find that it's a power move that illegalized weed. About a hundred years ago. Now wonder how people were, 500 years back when he water was clean. Drinking from the Bossom of mother Gaia? Eating fearless meats, eating very powerful fruits and vegetables? None of these GMO staff.


I tend to speak, and write in parable and unclear language because it seem so obvious but so many are lost. I'm honestly not afraid of awakening, I know so many ways in the process. I feel that my studies of life and beyond will truly help raise the earth's consciousness. Not that I'm better than anyone but I am so rich. Too rich I'd say, they all need what I got, this is not selfish, much like a sacrifice I'd be selfish to keep it all to myself. The mission to come out here is primarily to raise the planets consciousness. Seeing where I'm from, there's so much stuck energy, much of which I see free up years of blockage right before me. The best thing in this is that I'm not alone, I'm with so many. I love it that I'm with so many. Represing all sides of everything. So huge, every run is riddled with a question why run? Every anger spell is like why? Why even bother when you can just align? The answers comes between the thoughts......

Like today, day 9 of my life flip Challenge. Small thoughts come in, smoke, drink, go buy, such a bitch , after, say this, do that, get up, seat......and I the observer slowly do just that and while I'm doing it, observing how uniffective these commands are, I observe my own reactions to all these. The surrounding also sending signals, I love it. I breath in and hold, everything all these thoughts are on hold. It's the moment when the now comes most alive in time. The observer becomes aware of the thoughts being received from the outside. Who or what don't matter. What matters is what this means, that there's discord. Much alignment is needed. Run, go, go they say. This is a mindset matter, no small feat that one can run from. To be truthful I've ran enough but if I'm to run now it's be more fun than before cos now I know about all that keeps me from activating my mines, from writing my articles, recording my podcasts, what's actually keeping me from me. For so long, there's absolutely no reason to fear anything or anyone. Actually today I had a scare of thought that something bad in my energy had happened like a loss of sorts. I let that part of me waddle off and I observe what other part of me joins and see just how much I'm able to bully myself because I seem to be really good at it. In the meantime images flash in my mind as to show me places I'd rather fit in or something like that. Pure puny pathetisms. The most natural state of the brain is reception, the mind as a processor works on what's being receiver by the brain. These all result in perception or a congregation as thought. You could know it better but I don't care, what I'm saying here is that with no justified resentments also come a flip side of becoming aware of the bulshit happening around you and within you. For rearing to it? No, to respond. Be better not bitter. When you was being fd up what did you wish for? That they all die? How did that turn out? Bet you are much happier now!? Good for you.


Letting go of all that past is key, this means everything until you are strong enough to be in that position and transmute all that fuckery to so much positive energy that the transmutations will start activating at the sound of your waking voice and movements. Become so proficient in blocking out the noise that you are a teacher, mentor to your own enemies. This is what the lord meant by preparing a table in the midst of your enemies, the ability to look into the eyes of those who fuckef me over and not feel a single emotion is something I've prayed for for so long. And now it's in repeat. N I love it. Why? All while the b's is happening, it's not only inhibiting my growth but raising much needed consciousness awareness from the places I'd naturally run from. Like the universe is also telling me that no running, grow through it and if they break you,if they could break you , you'd have been broken by now. Love, the universe.


And then a projection into the future the universe is showering me with so much love. Getting awards for whatever reasons. I stay in love with life. Everything I went through had been meant to lead to this expression. Running for safety is well illusionary safe unlike standing in your power, where you get beat on the daily and still get up, shake it off and grind. Why? To raise the consciousness awareness of the planet. Just like we have been asleep needing the awakening , our earth is in a way sleeping away from the sister planets. Like chackras we need to raise the vibration of our mother Gaia, she will then connect us to the others and we'll be able to be in sync with the much bigger whole of us on a much grander level. Not this keep quiet bullshit. Who am I making noise for? Rather, how does noise come along? 


Now that my choices have amounted up to this, I feel it's perfectly fitted for the name my granny gave me. Which means preacher. I've realised in right in line when I teach , I preach, strategically placed in situations to say just what's needed whenever I don't hold back because I've become really good at holding. Although there's a few souls that get me lit up. I really would like to complete my never ending mission. In self discovery for myself and the whole. It's just so perfect to be able to go back in time and undo to redo all that I couldn't. Not only in my timeline but all those who couldn't do it themselves the fire stuck in time. It's amazing when they come around me praising me only to realise that I'm still not woke. Haha I laugh out loud as they walk off disappointed, not that I don't want to belong but my studies of life have taken me so deep that it's only the gunk, that seed of the enemy Jesus talks about, that I have been getting rid off since ever, otherwise I'd just descipate into thin air. The knowledge is too much and now the attachments are close to nothing, no person, place or thing is enough of an attachment for me to still want to go on living in time. There's much needed work to be done on other planes, this playing plane fields will only keep me for as long as they can but eventually I'll go off and continue my much needed work. 


If course this is major long term in time like at least a few year but I won't croack. I'll never forfeit, no foreclosures here. In each person I see the devine consciousness. I see love, whatever signals they give off or don't, all I do is reach for the devine in them past the ugly mask and let them be who they are. Not their anger or madness or hurt or pain. actually reach out to the inner child and ask them to come out to play. I feel their inner child wave. Bye every time I part with said person. This is a signal for much needed work to be done.and not for self gains of I'm better than you bullshit, you can only be better than yourself bitch... But it's also true that you are what you eat and also what you think.


This is long enough just a flex on why you are what you think n eat. Your gut, yellow-golden- orange colour, eat more curry and tumeric staff, this is your second brain, actually your third and forth brain. The gut is lined with over a million nerves, second only to the brain I think. The fact here is that your diet influences who you are like 100% as you already know. I mean you already know this don't you? Well I've written about it about a week ago , I'll rewrite about it a week from now cos I'm sure I'll learn something new. So what you eat since all thing are consciousness, they carry emotions and feelings. For instance a rabbit that you bumped with a car is filled with fear from everything before it died all the time it survived in nature. Sure it's tasty and will give you that muscle building protein, just watch out for the emotions that will transfer to you. Better transmute them cos if you don't, it easily becomes an sti. I'm sure you know the rest like fruits are better for you and I just hope that fruit alcohol is better than gluten staff. I don't know though,I've been on a fruit alcohol spree for a while gotta stop that.


That's about the food, you eat stupid, you for to check yourself before you turn stupid. Keep growing and sweating it of, shit it out and Lisa it off. Be happy loving and doing all the wonderful staff you'd want done to you. Write if you can get to the gym or to drive the car out, just don't hide behind puny. Like funny things of habit, do everything with purpose, the habits we develop are usually to offset the stress of imbalances and misalignment between us and our higher selves .....


So a man Thinketh so is he, this is so true. Guard your thoughts the wise lady of the proverbs is put into narration by king David. This is particularly true and just like love, thinking is a skill to be practiced. Once mastered, there's nothing one cannot do, at all. We as a race are trying to get to about 40% operations of our DNA, these were the levels of Elijah, Elisha, Abraham and the likes of Jesus. When King David had armies of demons to command was a demonstration of these levels. And that's just 40%. The whole of existence has some races using up to 80 percent of what we'd call DNA, the can create world's across all dimensions with ease. Right in the physical, if the higher levels didn't come with so much tranquility and peace of heart we'd all be burned up or something. Let's think our way to 80. 


Not too materialistic although that Gwagon would really be a good gift for her, I don't have too much attachment to it. On this we get to understand that wealth is an important part of being. Abundance means that you have choice and wealth brings you choice. Work the mind and you won't have to strive too much. Be less angry by eating the food that Mother Gaia is giving us not the middle guy who eats the food that was made for us or even the guy who eats the guy who eats the food made for us. They'd say it's not easy, I say you keep creating resistances for yourself. They block you here, bless all of you so much that any blockage will pale in comparison to what you got coming to you. 


Abundance is your birth right!

I love you! 





" As the going gets tought, we get feeling good"


"Nothing matters more than that I feel good"

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