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League of Kingdoms: Why I'm pre-registering this one 😉 (and why you should too!!)

By papaPutra | itspapaputra | 11 May 2020

Can't wait. 😤🔥🔥🔥

I knew some blockchain games like Prospectors and Splinterlands already, but finally there's something I familiar with...

League of Kingdoms.

I have seen Clash of Clans, Lords Mobile, and many more with familiar gameplay. But haven't find any that actually using blockchain technology yet, so I glad that I found this one.

Ahh- 😅 before we go further, let me briefly introduce you to NFT first 😃

What is NFT (Non-fungible Token)

image of anime cutie holding a NFT logo

I'll be quick, trust me ✌

Basically, Non-fungible Tokens are crypto collectibles. Unlike cryptocurrencies where all tokens are created equally, NFTs are each unique and limited in quantity, also can't be replicated or transferred without owner's permission.

NFTs can be traded in open marketplaces and are prone to price changes in response to market supply and demand.

This game 👉 League of Kingdoms- is using this NFT for its in-game assets. And why it's so important? I'll explain more later 🧐

The reason I pre-register League of Kingdoms?


1. It has familiar gameplay like other economic-strategy games

image of League of Kingdoms gameplay

Yes, and it's actually a good thing! 👏👏👏

Take a look on how much people that already installed some games with economic-strategy genres on Play Store, let's say Clash of Clans or Lords Mobile.

image of Lords Mobile install counts on GooglePlay

image of Clash of Clans install counts on GooglePlay

500M for CoC and 100M for Lords Mobile, that's a huge number!!! 👀

If you start to use something that you never tried before, there's always some learning curve ahead. But, if you had experiences on some similar things already- you could get used to it faster ✌

This is a game with huge potential, plus- you can collect in-game assets on it and make real money with it 💰

Considering all the stuffs I said before, If people already familiar with this game's gameplay and knew that they can earn from it, wonder how much people that will try to play this game? and how much newcomers that going to attracted to it?

That's a huge win for the game itself and how it'd succeed imo 🧐
And with this way, people who register and play it earlier could gain benefits from it 😉

2. Play to Earn

Who doesn't want to earn some bucks while casually playing a game anyway? 😅
With NFT you can trade your in-game assets on every game that support it, League of Kingdoms is one of them.

Sure- it took times to make your in-game profile became massive and rich of tradable assets.
But, imagine to start your base now and how it looks 1 or 2 years after... 📈🔥🔥🔥

(Especially with free 30$ worth of in-game resources for any people who pre-registered in this game before- Whoa!)

3. Work easy - Play easier

Sometimes, you need to rest your soul with some entertaining stuffs.

Game is one of many options, I didn't play game too much but- it's nice to have a little bit of fun while building in-game assets that I'll never know how much it'll worth. 😅

4. Find new connections

Most of my relatives and connections in my life mostly comes and goes, except my mum and sister (ily mum 🥰)

So, I think it's nice to know many more interesting people in this game and destroy their base (and make friends too 🤭).

5. It's the first time I beta-test a game!! 😆😆😆

I want to experience being a game's beta-tester, how does it feel to test a game before it goes mainstream.

Yup, there's a lot of games that give you chance for being a beta-tester already but sometimes I just too late for it or it's not really that interesting - promising - nor beneficial. Anyway, I'm glad to find about this game on crypto community 😃

If you interested on building your crypto kingdoms, feel free to pre-register here:

  • With my referral link:
    -- I get 10 crystals from this, you get $30 worth of in-game resources (1 gold box, 200 crystals, 1600 hours boosts, 2000000 resources)
    -- If you use this, thankyou! ❤
  • Without my referral link:
    -- I get 0 crystals from this, you still get $30 worth of in-game resources (1 gold box, 200 crystals, 1600 hours boosts, 2000000 resources)

Pardon for my bad English, as you all know- I'm not a native English speaker. 😅
Thanks for reading anyway 🙂

See you in the game! 👋

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