Betfury is a scam

Betfury is closing the USA Users is going to shut down to American users but don’t worry they’ll save (steal) your coins until you decide to move. Many other counties included

This is given with very little warning. 30 day interest box, gone. High withdraw limit and huge gas fees make it a difficult as is to make a profit and remove your crypto. 

All those token you worked for mean nothing now. 

Betfury has never had a great reputation and if you look up the Curaçao license they don’t have a large following and they mostly have negative things said about them. 

The kicker is that I haven’t seen anything that would make it illegal to operate in the USA, I’m not sure about the other countries. 

If you are a USA player, go to their Twitter and voice your opinion.


Hopefully people won’t sign up and waste their money on this scam

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Its hard work getting stuff for free
Its hard work getting stuff for free

Sometimes its hard work and a lot of time getting something for free. Maybe I can save you a little on both by telling you the downside of free. Then you can choice what's best for you.

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