Her name was Amanda and she had blonde hair

By paradise | itiseasierthisway | 28 Sep 2019

Her name was Amanda and she had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was a very athletic woman, who had been an outstanding student in highschool. She loved volleyball and swimming. After high school she had gone to a small city in the west with a couple of other girls to pursue gymnastics. She loved the gymnastic routines so much that she would follow their routines as well as anyone else.
So she was just a really happy young girl at the age of 14.
She was just the same in everything. In her daily activities (running, baseball, etc.) she'd be the light of a life. She was just such a good person she wanted to do that for others.
When the police had come to tell her mom that she had died she didn't say anything. All she knew was that she loved them so much.
When the detective showed up at the park that night Amanda had gone to her bedroom to take a nap and not want him to wake her up again.
When the cop asked her why didn't she just wake up and tell him she was sorry she had died.

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