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Exchange Controls - My late start to the game

By 828889 | Islandstacker | 24 Jun 2021


How does one who cannot purchase crypto go about investing and hodling if their country imposes exchange controls that view the purchase of crypto as an overseas investment? 

One way to overcome this predicament I find myself in is to play games that reward in crypto, specifically in Bitcoin. Currently I'm playing four games that do exactly that:

Thunder Games

  • Bitcoin Bounce
  • Turbo 84 

Bling Financial

  • Bitcoin Food Fight
  • Bitcoin Solitaire 


The games are very straight forward, Bitcoin Bounce has you bouncing along the blockchain collecting tickets while Turbo 84 has you as a car avoiding obstacles on the road collecting tickets as well. The more tickets you obtain the higher your chance of getting a bigger share of the sats that are awarded daily. 

Bitcoin Bounce                                       Turbo 84

For Bling Financials' Bitcoin Food Fight, you are throwing a set of knifes at a rotating dish while in Bitcoin solitaire you play the card game that is well known to many. You are given 15 chances play, and once you use them all up you have wait for a few hours to refill and play again.


As for the rewards, my rewards for Thunder Games are sent directly to my lightning wallet (Wallet of Satoshi) daily, while my rewards for Bling are sent to my Coinbase wallet. Unfortunately after you cashout in Bling you have to wait 6 days until the next cashout opportunity. I'm still thinking about how I am going to withdraw the sats and put them in one wallet, probably another topic for later. 


Not only are the rewards distributed quickly with Thunder Games, but they also run weekly contests for both their games where the highest scorer is awarded 10,000 sats. Sadly I haven't won yet, but I am practicing and looking forward to the next one.

To end, I currently have a total of 4413 sats to date and hoping to get more by the end of the year. I've tried other BTC reward games previously but these four are my go-to and are just one of the many ways I am trying to earn BTC's.

Drop by next week to see how else I am earning crypto, and in the meantime let me know how you are earning some crypto on the side in the comments.


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