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By 828889 | Islandstacker | 11 Sep 2021

My initial post I had explained how difficult it had become to purchase Bitcoin in my country due to the Exchange Controls enacted by our Reserve Bank. As a result I looked to playing games that rewarded users with satoshis and bitcoin faucets that trickled out a few sats every 5 minutes. 

As fun as it was I was still I looking for other ways to get bitcoin and scoured the interwebs and low and behold I found Azteco Bitcoin Vouchers.

Azteco is a company that specializes in providing bitcoin vouchers through their global network of vendors. With Azteco I am able to purchase bitcoin through a voucher and top up my bitcoin balance by simply scanning a QR code. The vouchers can either be On-Chain or Lightning vouchers depending on your preference, and for me I prefer Lightning vouchers because of how fast it is.

Azteco Voucher

Azteco Voucher for USD$100

As mentioned above Azteco has global network of vendors that people can buy from either online or in person. Unfortunately there are no vendors in my country so I purchased my first voucher from an Egyptian online vendor but I have since moved on to an American vendor. Both experiences were fast and easy, once they received my payment they sent over my voucher and with one click the bitcoin was in my wallet.

On Azteco's website you have a section where people or businesses that are interested to become vendors can apply and show their interest. Prospective vendors just purchase Azteco's POS (Point-of-Sale) and top their Bitcoin stock and they are ready to sell vouchers, it's so easy I might even apply to become a vendor in the future. 

Azteco Vendor

Azteco Vendor locations

The most important takeaway is the fact that I can purchase bitcoin without my bank and the Reserve Bank blocking my transaction, no more getting my card blocked and no more visiting my bank to explain to them why I tried to buy Bitcoin. I'm flying under the radar, stacking KYC free sats and it feels awesome.

Azteco vouchers gets a big thumbs up from me, and if you are looking for an alternative way of purchasing non-KYC bitcoin I recommend them as well.



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