What is Platinum Q DAO

What is Platinum Q DAO

Everyone is discovering more and more everyday. We are building community, and here we are, two-thirds of the way through the stable coins revolution.


The Digital currencies or the crypto currencies has presented a global range benefits, but the extreme price volatility hinders mass adoption. Many of them do want to risk their money in crypto assets who experiences an up and down movements in just a couple of seconds. If you we're hold a currency, it should be a part of exchange, and most of all, a store of value. You cannot trust them as their price can easily rise or up 90% on a normal day.

And this is why people are engaging with stable coins. Stablecoins are price-stable cryptocurrencies, meaning the market price of a stablecoin is pegged to another stable asset, just like the US dollar. No wonder why Trump hates Crypto and Libra, he is scared when stable coins beat their US dollars. Poor Trump.

Ok. As I was saying, Crypto space are happy when there is a bull run, but what happens if there was only a bear? A cryptocurrency’s volatility may fuel speculation, but in the long run, it hinders real-world adoption.

Q DAO Platform lets users generate different stablecoins. The internal token of QDAO ecosystem which is called QDAO includes a built-in wide range of decentralized stablecoins using algorithms to offer higher stability and reliability.


The PLATINUM Q DAO ENGINEERING team developing a new technology behind USDQ ecosystem that is recently announced its smart contract audit. This international full-cycle will also provide IEO or STO listing , advisory, marketing , legal and a tech services. It is an existing platform, in fact it just done its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) of Q DAO on BTCNEXT Exchange that happens last June 1, 2019.

The USDQ and Q DAO

A next generation stablecoin, USDQ is a decentralised and fully backed by Bitcoin which will let it to addressed what is the pain points of the existing stablecoins . USDQ destined to backed by more than 10 crypto currencies in the near future.

USDQ smart contract's audited by ProAudit, a leading experts between April 17 and 18 2019 that will ensure that the smart contract functions as intended and to identify potential security threats and issues in the code. No severe or medium threat issues were found by ProAudit. They, however, had some feedback that the team promptly addressed.

“The PLATINUM Q DAO ENGINEERING team has spent resources and its substantial expertise in creating a stablecoin system that addresses the pain points of current stablecoins. The audit by one of the leading smart contract auditing firms is testimony to our commitment to create a seamless ecosystem that controls the stablecoin and offer high value to traders,” the team stated.

How does USDQ work?

In orderto mint the two coins, the ecosystem needs to function. Q DAO will be the one who will manage the whole ecosystem and USD-pegged USDQ. With the collateral of Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrency, were they based its system to let the user input currencies and minting USDQ with its stavle value which is 1USD with an insignificant deviations from time to time.


Anton Dzyatkovsky is a serial entrepreneur, diplomatic negotiator, and creative expert in marketing. He is a passionate and hardworking business leader with more than 13 years of experience in different positions within FinTech, Retail and E-Commerce industries. Since 2016, Anton uncorked opportunities to participate in international business development, focusing on Asia. Anton sees his key challenge in opening new markets from scratch. Currently, Anton is CEO and co-owner of MicroMoney, a lending services provider based in Southeast Asia. 


Website: https://usdq.platinum.fund

Telegram: https://t.me/Platinumq

KakaoTalk: https://open.kakao.com/o/gfFhY2mb



Is this the time of the stable coins?
Is this the time of the stable coins?

Platinum Q DAO revolutionizing Stablecoins

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