The Strike App is going places and they want to give yo $10 to come with

By Dude Dangerous | Is it legitimate? | 9 Mar 2022

All right. So, let's kick off the Wednesday blog. We're going to talk about strike today.

This application is a cash app loan, does everything, but the micro stock trading.

Let's go the dark interface. That's good on the eyes. If you have eyes that are sensitive to Bright Lights like myself.

Actually had to reach out to support early on in the game. So I can tell you with a surety that this company is 100% on par with their customer service as well.

A huge turn-on for strike is the fact that when you do sign up with a referral link you get ten dollars.

Now, this is with a referral link. If you do not sign up with a referral link, you do not get the 10 dollars. The kyc is very simple.

Photo ID and selfie.

I was approved in less than an hour.

You can withdraw the ten dollars through Bitcoin or to your bank. Instantly

Hey! Join Strike and earn $10 when you sign up and verify your account using my referral code: B9TMVH


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Dude Dangerous

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Is it legitimate?
Is it legitimate?

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