Why I prefer A Bear Market

Let´s get one thing clear, no discussion on this being a bear market or not.

I´ve been wearing my Bearish hat for weeks, I´ve been writing Bearish posts and I agree Bear or Bull is all a matter of opinion. But I am Bearish, and I like it.

No, I did not say lick it.

What´s to like about a bear market?

Well, basically everything.
No worrying about the market going up because it is not. And it will not go up for about a year. Of course, the market moves, but nothing that will keep you awake at night.

Unless you are that one person that did not read rule number one of crypto:

1. Do not invest what you are not willing to lose


Secondly, everything is on sale...and I am Dutch (although I do not live there atm) so I am/like cheap.
For those of you who joined in late 2020 or even later, this is probably the cheapest time you have ever bought crypto. And the even better news is....it will probably get even cheaper (if my previous analysis is right.

Point three, you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel....so you have something positive to look forward to. Compared to a Bull run, where you are always worried that it´s gonna end.

Light 2.gif

That brings us to point 4

Which is the most famous point of all.

Bull markets make you Money, Bear Markets make you rich.

Now, why is that? I have to refer you back to point 2 about me being a cheap Dutchie.

Coins are low right now and the bottom is probably not yet in sight. That will allow buyers to truly buy the bottom. Buying at a price that (based on historical data) never returns.
Not even at the bottom of the next cycle. This opportunity only appears once every four years, and the time that it should appear is NOW.

BTC so far has done a 7X a 15X and even a 20X from the bottom to the top during these last cycles. So a 7X is kind of a sure thing. And that´s for the conservative BTC, imagine what a good ALT could do.

Bear markets allow you to buy at a premium price and once bought you only have to sit back and hibernate till the bulls are back.

Or learn some new skills.

Thanks for the read and have a lovely Bear Market.


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There is more to Bitcoin Baby

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