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Now you all know I am a big fan of Torum, I really like the Dysotopic feel the UI has. It syncs with my love for synth wave which uses the same color scheme. But hey that´s no news, right?


Now the biggest news is that my Girl Friend joined TORUM so looked her up and give her a follow because she is very new in the crypto-verse. but she´s cute according to her Torum Username @simplycutex

In case you don´t know TORUM check out my previous posts and feel free to come and have a look.

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More News

Due to her joining, I noticed again that some things have changed for new joiners, especially with regards to the power bar.... as it disappeared.

I already noticed that things changed as I was no longer able to track the progress of the new landers that joined through my referral. I used to see their progress till they filled the PowerBar.... but nowadays that is no longer the case I just see this:


So no more progress updates and therefore no idea when the referral bonus will land in my wallet, which is not a big deal but was nice to track.


XTM Mission Rewards

Looking at my girlfriend's account I see that she started earning XTM right away, so there is indeed no more Powerbar to be completed. Regarding that referral reward and rewards in general there were some interesting things mentioned in the last AMA.

First of all regarding the mission rewards in general. Just to fill you in they have been halved several times and the last time mainly due to the enormous increase of value for XTM. Which after the halving rapidly declined contrary to Bitcoin where halvings drive the price up.

In addition one of the daily missions (give 5 comments) was fully removed due to a lack of serious comments. Now in the AMA session, the below question came up:

Q: Do you know if there have been any developments in the mission rewards? We might see an influx of new Landers soon if the market turns bullish again, and I am sure that’s the first thing they will look at?

Mythrust: Yes we are working on it, Torum is in the Growth stage and we understand that we have to spend on Customer Acquisition. We understand that the mission rewards should be higher as well and I personally think that there have been too many halvings as well. Unfortunately, the price drop quite a lot too at the same time. I would like to add something about the gifts as well, our current gifts will remain as legacy gifts and we will introduce new gifts in the future that will reflect the current conditions better.

Now I assume that the gifts they refer to are these:


These were frequently given out in the past, but since XTM got listed it does not happen a lot anymore because 66% of the value you give is not received by the person you are gifting. E.g. I got a Diamond Hands for which the giver paid 2 XTM and I received the gift and 0.6 XTM. I can´t remember what happens to the 1.4 XTM (burned or used as fees) but it might make sense to look at a better (read more lucrative) way of gifting.


Referral Reward

Now with regards to the referral, I landed on Torum when a referral would get you I think 75 XTM each. Later it got halved and right now that´s only 7.5 XTM due to the price increase. And as always I give full disclosure. I made over half my XTM from referrals.


Now verified only means that they did verify their account through Whatsapp. Which in the past was sufficient to receive the referral bonus. But a quick calculation tells me that I got about 35 XTM per referral. Which, even at today´s prices, would be over $700.

Now there was a follow-up question regarding referrals:

Q: If you guys are ready to pay more for customer acquisition but need more time to build new missions. Can’t you just up the reward of the referral missions for now? Because the incentive is quite vital in a bull run, especially if metaverse hype is back. Anything small that can create incentive now might help in the next weeks/months.

Mythrust: Yeap that is a pretty good point, we could look into increasing the referral reward as it is something that will really contribute to the growth of the platform especially if we head into a new bull run. It rewards hardworking Landers that go out of their way to get new people too.

So we might see a little increase in those incentives.


Unlocking your XTM Wallet

With the lower mission rewards, it indeed takes more time to reach the 500XTM to unlock your wallet. I have been doing some investigation on this topic and I come to the below conclusion.

You can easily obtain 11 XTM weekly and more through one-time missions. So it would take you about 45 weeks of doing your daily missions each day to reach 500XTM.

In case you miss a week or 2, it might take a bit more, but 500XTM takes you less than a year. And by asking around I found that it takes about 6-8 months for people that reached their 500 XTM last week.

500XTM at the current price is $100 and you would have spent approx. 16 hours. That adds up to $6.25 an hour for those who are just in it for the money. So I guess somebody should get their facts straight, as the below AMA answer is not really realistic.

Q: What are your plans about the wallet unlocking? It’s kind of hard or it will take time to unlock the wallet is there any lined-up plan for that?

Mythrust: Yes, this is due to the multiple halvings of mission rewards that happened and we did not update the wallet unlocking requirements to reflect it yet. I believe that the current 500 XTM requires at least 80 weeks to unlock and I think that is too long too.

Oh, and with regards to the WhatsApp verification if you have always been wondering why they used WhatsApp (I know I did although it´s really used only once for the confirmation PAC code) there was a question on that topic as well:

Q: I was kind of curious about the usage of Whatsapp in registering your account? I don’t know what is the use for it?

Mythrust: What Nelthan told me was that, it is because Torum is not big or well known enough for the service provider to provide us with SMS OTP. We had to find a compromise, so we are using Whatapp for now. Once we are able to, we will switch it over to SMS OTP.

Just FYI the PAC code took over 12 hours to get sent to my @simplycutex. So if you do not get it straight away like I did, be patient it will come.


Even More News

There was a bit more interesting stuff discussed during this AMA and I will just share what I think is interesting to a bigger audience.

Now one thing that´s been called out in the past is the bugyness of the site. Which I can definitely relate to. This is what was said.

Q: What will the backend improve for Torum web?

Mythrust: Okay I guess I can let you know why. I was informed that previously whenever they fix any bugs in the current structure, a new bug would appear almost immediately. It is like what you see in cartoons, where they fixed a pipe and another pipe bursts somewhere else. So yea, it was an endless grind and they want to do something about it which is why they opted for a backend migration. The new structure or codebase should be more stable so any bug fixes should be more permanent!


Now being in UI validation and improvements of an online tool myself, this sounds so familiar. If you have bad/unstable code, things do not connect anymore when you change a single item. So sounds like a reasonable explanation, and indeed the migration seems to have fixed a lot of the bugs I used to report and encounter.

Another thing I commented on in the past and received a lot of feedback about was the abundance of features of which many were not working or working properly. These should be set to hidden or released in a Beta version if you ask me and it looks like that is where we are headed.

Q: What are your plans for the non-working sections on Torum? Like the news section?

Mythrust: About this, several Landers have given us the suggestion on just taking it down for now. I think that would be a good idea as we do not want people to have outdated news. I think the news are stuck in November to December? Imagine if you read those news and think that we are still in a bull run. The team would have to decide on this. I will let them know for sure.


Now just one more little peek into the future regarding gifts & Shards. We heard that they would one day get a function...but it seems it will not be in the first 6 months of 2022

Q: My last question is when will shards and dust from gifting, would be used for defi staking and boost staking etc?

Mythrust: This will be done in H2 of 2022. Not anytime soon!

The full AMA recap can be found here.

You can join Torum through this link:

Make sure you follow my GF as she can use the love

And you can of course ASK me Anything here or on Torum.

Have a lovely day and don´t forget to hit that like button on your virtual way out.




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