TORUM - Final Chapter "Is it worth my time, or am I an Idiot for trying?"

Well, let me start by saying I will not be able to answer that question for you..... It´s all about how you value your time.

But after doing thorough research on where other idiots spend their time, I would say it is worth my time, and here´s why.

Stupid Example

Writing a little article like this takes me 45-90 minutes and pays.... well let´s not even discuss that as it´s less than a dollar. Even people in 3rd world countries make more than I make an hour writing articles on Publish0x. But hey it´s not all about the money....for some.


So how much time do I spend on Torum daily well say 10 minutes scrolling through my feed and doing the missions, not counting the time spend on reading articles and watching video´s. That´s about an hour a week.

And how much do I make a week (not counting the fact that we will be getting a new mission replacing the thread mission):

1.25 XTM a day x 7 =8 XTM + 5 XTM weekly login mission and if you´re lucky another 2XTM for the 50 followers mission, hence let´s say 14 XTM which at the current price is $7.50 for an hour. That´s already lot´s more than I will make from this article and........ This is during the current crypto crisis.

On top of that if you have friends or write mediocre articles like me you might even get people to sign up and you earn another 7.5XTM 

This was a Test

Now over the last month, I did a little test inviting all of you to join TORUM and become landers and start earning XTM and 52 of my readers tried it, of course, I did not tell them at first that being a Lander is a Hardknock Life. But it is, it takes perseverance, dedication, and creativity to make money on TORUM because you can only get your grubby little hands on your XTM when you reach 500 XTM.


For those lazy sons of lazy mothers that means 500/14 = 35 weeks and yes there are additional one-time missions, but let´s say 35 weeks. That`s 35 hours earning you $250. That´s the minimum wage in Spain right there and I had to do worse work than logging in, posting a post, and liking 5 (good) posts.

Here´s my bi-weekly pay out overview just in case you´re curious


I make 24-28 XTM every week and then some from those 9 referrals as you can see. And as my regular readers already know I sold my XTM when it was above a dollar. It made me thousands of dollars and with the whole metaverse craziness not fading away I am sure we see those prices again one day.


Do you have the stamina?

This is the best time to invest time in crypto if you have no money to invest, or like me already invested all your money in crypto and are looking for ways to make more. But it takes a special kind of people, probably people with no life like me because I landed almost a year ago and only missed 1 weekly login mission, and that was because I forgot to claim it as I did login that day.

That is the dedication you need to earn free crypto, well that and the talent to write stupid stuff and add a semi-funny meme.

Sounds easy right?


 Well, it´s not. From those 52 people that joined because they got inspired or were seeing dollar signs only 9 filled up their Powerbar and 2 more seem to be doing so over the next week. That´s 20% and that PowerBar takes like 2 weeks, so by then you still have 33 weeks to go to free your XTM. 

It clearly takes a special creature to have the dedication to push through, day in day out. Or maybe you have to be a complete idiot IDK. I mean their interface isn´t always working as expected. It´s quite buggy at times and you have to validate your registration using WhatsApp, but other than that if you´re into crypto why would you not spend 10 minutes a day there?

I don´t get it

I am probably the village idiot that thinks he´s making money and ends up with worthless bags of XTM after spending 35 hours of his life on the platform

But let´s have a look at where the average Joe & Jane spend their time....


Do you know what I mean? Nudge, Nudge! 

If you don´t get the picture please continue reading and I will try to explain in more words.

This is the End (by J. Morisson)

The conclusion is that yes I am an idiot spending my valuable Time on TORUM and not doing something more worthy with those few hours I am here on this beautiful planet.

Luckily for me, the average American is an even bigger idiot (check the picture again if you still do not get it).


Thanks for the read, don´t join TORUM if you´re not an idiot like me (and if you are an idiot, do make sure to use Kucoin for your payouts), but do hit the like button 👍  and have a lovely rest of your day.


Post Scriptum (Yes, that is what PS stands for 😁)


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