Fear and Greed Index looks mostly like the early stage of the 2018 Bear-Market

I have been trying to make sense and find a comparison to previous dips using the Fear and Greed index in the past

This dip will last 5 more weeks

Bitcoin will hit 53K in 6 weeks

And that 6 weeks is at the end of March, this is still feasible but I see that the pattern I saw in my comparison is not really holding anymore.


We have been in extreme fear for a longer period again and due to that the extreme fear period is no longer resembling the period from May till Aug: Where we would have liked to see the yellow explosion we got a red cross. This is partially due to the geopolitical situation I guess but it messes up my comparison quite badly.

Honestly, looking at it now looks like nothing we seen...or in the best case it looks most like early 2018 which would be in line with the bear market sentiment we are all having for some time now.


And that bear market lasted from Feb 2018 till June 2019....if that would be the trend we might see an upside by Christmas. 

Hopefully, I am just seeing things....

Thanks for the read and let's hope I am wrong.


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There is more to Bitcoin Baby
There is more to Bitcoin Baby

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