Here are Facts about Snax; The Social Media Goer Reward Ecosystem

It is god news for the social media goers with the entry of Snax. This is a promising EOS fork based blockchain and is set solve one major problem: sending tokens (tips) to social network users using nicknames. Currently the project is in the beta stage and already integrated with Twitter.

The rewards are meant to motivate social media goers on their activity. In case you are wondering what Snax is, it is an outfit that will help send instant micropayments across affiliate social media networks without attracting any transaction fee and developer have the freedom to create social dApps on the Snax blockchain.

What is a Snax Token?

Simply put, Snax is a utility token riding on the Snax ecosystem. This is what drives all the platform transactions and fuels all its operations. As a user, you can use the native token to pay for the platforms computational services, reward publishers for the activities on social networks among many more.

The beauty of the innovation is the utility nature of the token; you can easily send the digital asset to other network participants but you need to fund your Snax wallet with the token. The token price is not controlled and its movement naturally follows the free market forces.

Supported Social Media Platforms

According to Timur Dailidonis, the community manager at Snax Foundation, the only social network platform being supported is Twitter. However, plans are at an advanced stage to add Reddit and Steemit.

What’s more; the platform is easy to join and participate. To get started you only need a computer with a Chrome browser running, hooked to a Twitter account and a Snax wallet. This is how simple it is to get onboard and there is no geo-targeting; onboarding is global.

Currently, Snax is not available on smartphone but you need to watch the space as their team is working on it and will soon be released.

Snax for non-Publishers

If you are not a social network publisher, you can use Snax to reward your favorite publisher. They do not have to be Snax participants but once they sign up with the platforms, they automatically receive their rewards in Snax tokens.

Sending Snax Tokens is Easy

All you need to do is identify the social platform account name of your publisher and send the amount of Snax token you feel they deserve. If they have a Snax account it becomes easer; you just transfer the token directly to their account and you are done. Interestingly, Snax does not charge the sender or recipient any fee for the first 100 transactions.

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