Bitcademy Football: Turning Youth into Football Superstars

Bitcademy Football: Turning Youth into Football Superstars

Becoming a professional footballer has always been a hard nut to crack for the youth. This is about to change thanks to Bitcademy Football. This is an upcoming platform riding on blockchain that will afford the youth easy access to the best coaches, talent managers, best facilities and above all education.

What more, the ecosystem will empower football fans to take part in the development of upcoming talent.  This will be the backbone of molding your into superstars. They are the emotional support rewarding base as well as financial supporters.

Whatever dreams an aspiring footballer holds; Bitcademy is set to fulfil them. As a virtual market place, Bitacademy has no restrictions and what’s more; training facilities are virtual. Talent acquisition has never been this easy.

Football Influencer Targeted

Participants in the platform will be able to influence footballer development and turn the youth to world class player. This is good news for those in development countries where training facilities are not top government priorities.

All you need to do is select and finance your favorite young footballer. Your support gives them access to additional game knowledge and these are measure red thanks to your personal intuition and advanced Artificial Intelligence.

Bitcademy Not Restricted to Football

The Bitcademy platform helps you showcase your favorite game progress to organizations, professional football scouts and the entire footballing world and this sends the players to the top. However, due to the underlying scalability of the platform, any organization or sport can utilize the Bitcademy ecosystem.

This is poised to be a very interesting entrant into the crypto sphere and will empower many youths from remote areas where access to modern facilities, expert coaches and supporters are limited. This is a chance to build a football superstar from scratch.


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