Over million of Hacked Ledger user details are being further distributed for free

Over million of Hacked Ledger user details are being further distributed for free

By ircrp | ircrp | 20 Dec 2020



Further to the previous articles highlighting the ongoing Ledger SMS and Email phishing attempts which are affecting potentially over a million of Ledger customers, there appears to be potentially a new wave of those attacks incoming to those affected as a consequence of the leaked data being dumped for free on the internet.


  • The hack first reported by ledger to affect approximately 1 million of customers emails which were hacked directly from the newsletter email list database, whereas only reporting on 9,500 of cases where a further details such as full name, phone number & address were exposed through further breaches of the marketing database.
  • What is becoming more apparent is the scope of the hack of the marketing database appears to be potentially far greater than what is being disclosed by Ledger, with customers like me who were targeted with countless scam attempts in the past months without Ledger at any point contacting me to warn about the data leak.
  • The number disclosed by Ledger appears to be fairly close to the numbers being reported in the recent dump of the leaked data with 1,075,382 unique emails, however appears to come with 272,853 customer details including phone number, address & full names, which if true is a significantly higher number to the one Ledger has disclosed.


  • Although some could think that the scammers who paid for the leaked data in the first place have squeezed the juices out of the affected Ledger customers, and that the lechers who now got to get the data for free will not have much of opportunity left.. Well to be fair I've seen some creativity from those scams attempts so far especially in some email attempts, but would think there might be still some opportunities left for the new wave of scammers unfortunately.
  • With that, especially if you know that you have targeted in the past like me.. Just stay more vigilant, and be cautious about mail communication, SMS and even postal correspondence going forward and remember that the attackers will be doing their best in terms of creativity and timing to lure one to a malicious place.


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