No Track & Trace - No Entry

No Track & Trace - No Entry

By ircrp | ircrp | 7 Oct 2020


With the pandemic constantly being on the forefront of the news, politics and creeping into our real life more and more. The introduction of new laws, regulations and enforcements inevitably pose a greater implications on our freedom.

One could say we are living in a time of great uncertainity with enforcements being pushed through so quickly that cause most to be over reactive and cautious.

For instance within a week of time in most parts of the United Kingdom we've seen such a quick movement from the law enforcements reminding all the business that by law they must create and prominently display NHS Covid-19 app posters and those business complying.

To make things worse most of those business are now essentially over-reactive with vast majority of businesses like Restaurants, Museum, Galleries and even some Medical related not allowing entry to anyone who hasn't got the application installed on their smart phone or as a matter of fact does not own a smart phone that supports the app.








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