Grants for (d)apps to be built on top of Raiden Network (L2)

By ircrp | ircrp | 25 Oct 2020


Earlier in September of 2020 Raiden the Network claimed as the only current Layer 2 solution on top of Etherum for decentralized topologies which allow linear scalability along with achieving low fees and fast transactions has opened up its Grants project rewarding between $2,000 to $10,000 worth of DAI for delivery of an open source project built on top of Raiden Network.


  • The grants are currently organised through a Github project and to start off the team/developer needs to highlight the use case and functionality of the application in few hundred words.
  • Example use cases have been outlined in the Github project to spark ideas amongst which are:
    • A payments network for file sharing protocols
    • Chat bot for micropayments (e.g. Telegram bot)
    • A tip bot for social platforms (e.g. Reddit or Twitter)
    • Paywalls and internet tipings
    • Back-end payment networks for wallets
    • Building a game on Raiden Network
  • Currently two proposals have been submitted for which the feedback from the Raiden team has been fairly quick and thorough, in one instance deep diving into the proposal's use case to ensure it is solving a problem through using a solution built on top of the Raiden Network.
  • There are many support points ranging from the well written documentations which can be found on the developer portal to a Gitter community wiling to share their thoughts on your basic/complex issue.
  • Alternative for smaller or larger grants is the Raiden Trust which was setup well before the above Grants project. It is an independent entity funded back in 2019 by 16 million RDN tokens to support projects built on top of Raiden Network.


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