By ircrp | ircrp | 22 Sep 2020


Today I thought I will share a tool I use almost on daily basis to look up common commands with speed, ranging from basic commands like unpacking an archive to some more advanced I use during work for troubleshooting problems.


I've initially discovered the tool in through its website which comes with a very basic and non distracting interface, promptly allowing users to lookup and navigate to a set of common cheat sheets for the looked up command. 


For instance, every now and then when I download a file on my Linux machine archived as .tar or .gz I pretty much always seem to forget what flags need to be passed to the tar command. Quickly navigating to the web interface and looking up tar command yields me the following as one of the results:

# Extract a (compressed) archive into the target directory:
tar xf source.tar[.gz|.bz2|.xz] -C directory



Most recently a new interface was exposed for somewhat more advanced usages in form on a client. The client brings more automation and most notably attempts to stand out with its Stealth mode. A mode which when applied allows the user to 'stealthly' make use of the tool, with a show case of a usage during an Interview. 




Some of the other features of the tool comprise of the following:

  • Thousands of important UNIX/Linux commands
  • Supports web and curl interfaces
  • Tab completion in bash
  • Stealth Mode 
  • Very low lantency, barely any data usage

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