Payment Solution for International Students Through Cryptocurrency

At present, due to US sanctions, there is no way of paying internationally through traditional ports in Rials in Iran, in that regard “Bitrah” Company solved the payment problem of foreign students studying in Iran and Persian students studying abroad by providing a payment gateway through cryptocurrency.

Because of US Sanctions upon Iran, a lot of ordinary people are suffering as collateral damages like international students who are not able to pay their tuition's and other fees directly through usual portals. Therefore, international students (foreign students in Iran and Iranian students outside Iran) to benefit from education, welfare, accommodation, etc. services always face payment problems.

Looking at the problems that have been tangible and cumbersome for Iranians, especially university staff and students, for years, finding a solution was inevitable.

Some of the problems are including international payments and transactions (for foreign students residing in Iran), providing cultural services to Iranians abroad, lack of access to the global banking network, forced to pay huge transfer fees, security, long transaction times, etc.

“Bitrah” Website In a creative way, has made it possible to pay on the Blockchain network.

The services of this portal are not affiliated with any foreign bank or institution and using digital currency (such as Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin, etc.), has eliminated many of international students problems to pay for courses, purchase required articles and resources, use of medical services, etc.

“Bitrah” is the first cryptocurrency payment gateway in Iran to overcome the traditional difficulties of the market and enable international financial exchanges through digital currency for offline and online businesses.

Other businesses that can settle their international exchange payment services via “Bitrah” can be merchants and traders, hotels to receive reservations from outside Iran, cultural service providers for international clients or Iranians living abroad (film, music, books, etc.), airlines to provide services (ticket sales and reservations) to foreign customers, tourism businesses (ticket sales, tours, hotel reservations, etc.), hospitals to accept non-Iranian patients, etc.

It should be noted that this solution has eliminated the need to open accounts in foreign countries for savings, transfers, and similar needs entirely.



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Iran and Cryptocurrency
Iran and Cryptocurrency

News about Bitcoin in Iran and the gradual progress towards the acceptance of cryptocurrencies especially among the ordinary people, not just rich and influential people, but the real ones and the same people I care about the most. Of course, to achieve this, many obstacles must be crossed.

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