In Iran: An Iranian Store That Accepts Bitcoin As Payment!

For The First Time In Iran: An Iranian Store That Accepts Bitcoin As Payment!

We recently found out that a store (apothecary) in Sanandaj city, the capital of Kurdistan province in the north-west of Iran, accept the purchase of goods with Bitcoin as a method of payment.

Meanwhile, digital currencies especially Bitcoin are growing rapidly in developed countries. Many automakers and pharmaceutical companies recognize this phenomenon and use Bitcoin as a method of payment in their transactions more and more.


In Iran, although some people welcomed the cryptocurrency transactions and we also saw improvements in the mining process, but businesses and store owners, even online shopping websites did not take any steps in this direction. Recently, we found out that a store in Sanandaj, which is active in the field of selling Herbal distillate and vegetable oils, has also recognized the buying and selling of goods with bitcoin as a payment method, which is interesting and groundbreaking.

Cryptocurrency is currently being considered as a neutral alternative to the dollar for international transactions and it seems that in less than 10 years, they will play a key role in all businesses. If the Iranian government can pave the way for digital currency and public access, we will certainly see a significant response from the public, traders, and business owners.

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Melina Mehr
Melina Mehr

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Iran and Cryptocurrency
Iran and Cryptocurrency

News about Bitcoin in Iran and the gradual progress towards the acceptance of cryptocurrencies especially among the ordinary people, not just rich and influential people, but the real ones and the same people I care about the most. Of course, to achieve this, many obstacles must be crossed.

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