Polkadot's Rising Star STONE, How To Leverage The $200 Billion POS Pledge Market

With the gradual approach of the auction date of the Polkadot Parachain card slot, more and more people are paying attention to the Polkadot project, hoping to be the first to ambush high-quality projects, so as to obtain good returns. The editor noticed a certain period of Huobi's mining project STN, which is a functional token of STONE, which is known as Polkadot Rising Star. STONE is a cross-chain & POS liquidity mining asset aggregator focusing on Polkadot ecology. The target is 200 billion. $ POS pledge market. So is the STONE project a high-quality project, and how did it leverage the POS pledge market? Let's explore it in detail.


POS pledge liquidity track

At the moment when the popularity of DeFi continues to rise, more and more POS consensus tokens are pledged. Taking ETH as an example, there are not a few miners who hope to participate in the ecological construction of ETH2.0 through pledge ETH, so as to obtain mining income. This means that the amount of pledged ETH has increased. How can the huge amount of pledged ETH be reused to obtain greater benefits? Based on this idea, the emergence of the POS pledge liquidity track was born.

According to StakingRewards data, the total amount of pledges in the current Staking market has reached 149.2 billion US dollars, far exceeding the current lock-up amount of the DeFi market (100 billion US dollars). Regarding how to release/reuse the large amount of funds deposited in the staking market, different project parties provide different PoS pledge liquidity release solutions, and STONE can be understood as one of the providers.



In the Polkadot ecology, there are agreements including Stafi and Bifrost that focus on this track. As far as Stafi is concerned, it is a Staking asset liquidity protocol based on Substrate. Simply put, users can pledge their locked Tokens on Stafi again to generate rToken (including the locked principal and interest), and then this rToken can initiate a transaction at any time without waiting for the unlocking time.

Bifrost is a cross-chain network that provides liquidity for staking. It is developed based on Substrate and built on the Polkadot network. As a DeFi project in the Polkadot ecosystem, Bifrost users can exchange PoS currencies into vTokens through the Bifrost protocol at any time to obtain staking Earnings and liquidity.


STONE is also built on the basis of Substrate technology. STONE uses the flexibility, security and scalability of the underlying technology to empower digital assets, including multi-chain equity proof Pos assets such as Polkadot and ETH2.0. If Stafi, Bifrost and other agreements provide different protocols for POS pledged assets (reusing POS assets through different equity tokens), then STONE is for these different equity tokens to perform asset aggregation and reuse again. . Currently, STONE has supported Stafi and Bifrost protocols for pos liquidity mining. In short, if users use eth for liquidity pledge on stafi, they can use the pledged reth equity tokens to carry out secondary pledge on STONE. STONE provides liquidity support and pledge assets for partners such as stafi and Bifrost. The re-use, and users can get double benefits.

STONE maintains a good cooperative relationship with members of Polkadot, including APN and many other Polkadot ecological projects have reached cooperation with STONE, which means that STONE will open more mining pools to provide liquidity for these partners. And to provide users with more revenue mining pool options.

In STONE’s plan, in the future, the Sharp Index will be used to provide a more mature and diversified combination strategy for STONE, so that users can obtain long-term and stable income. It is STONE’s goal, and it is also STONE’s goal of gradually leveraging $200 billion (continuous growth). The advantage of pos pledge market.


The construction of the pos pledge market and the cross-chain ecology is still in its early stages. In the future, as the Polkadot ecology develops and matures, more functions of STONE will be gradually improved. Supporters may wish to continue to pay attention and witness the growth of STONE together.


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