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Is The BTC Market A Big Casino❓

The BTC market is like a big casino, without policy intervention, it is likely to grow bigger and bigger

The current price of BTC is close to a waist-fold compared to the high of $64,000, but BTC is still strong. After China closed some BTC mines, it indicates that China has basically broken away from the BTC industry chain. Whether this is good or bad still needs time to verify.

BTC trading institutions are also an important link in the BTC industry chain and one of the biggest beneficiaries in the history of BTC's development. Although China's closure of BTC mines is not good news for BTC, there are still many people who speculate about BTC in the international market. In the face of the huge benefits of BTC, many people are irresistible and think that they are possessed by Warren Buffett. BTC is a high-risk financial management tool, or more bluntly, a gambling tool. People in the market make money from the people in the market.

The BTC market is like a big casino. With the support of capital giants, this casino is getting bigger and bigger. Why BTC is a casino that will always exist, and there is a trend of getting bigger and bigger. In fact, the truth is very simple. Casinos have been very profitable since ancient times. If there is no interference from policy factors, a casino will grow bigger and bigger, and the world has never lacked gamblers. So although many people are hyping BTC now, it does not mean that they don't know what BTC is, but they just want to take a gamble.

People who hype BTC don’t want to be sober, and you will never wake them up

There is a saying that "you can never wake up a person who pretends to be asleep", so it is said that many people who speculate about BTC are just unwilling to wake up. As long as BTC still has a short-selling mechanism and there are people who are willing to bet against long users, the BTC gambling will continue. Especially after experiencing the stimulus of leveraged funds, it is likely that some people will become even more crazy and try to change bicycles into motorcycles. While the people who speculate BTC are gambling with each other, the trading institutions behind them are stealing pleasure and taking the opportunity to make a lot of money.

In the past, the scale of cryptocurrencies such as BTC was relatively small, and some countries and regions have not yet taken advantage of this part of the profit, but now it is different. There are already many countries that have proposed new regulatory measures for cryptocurrency trading institutions. Some countries directly require rectification and closure, or need to apply for a transaction license separately. Although on the surface it is to improve the cryptocurrency policy, I personally feel that I am interested in the profit of BTC transactions and want to get a piece of the cake of cryptocurrency service fees.

Netizens who pay attention to BTC information should know that in recent months, the world's largest BTC trading institution, Ann, has been followed by many countries. Due to the imperfect policies of BTC and other cryptocurrencies, many countries are crossing the river by feeling the stones. Whether BTC is a coin or a virtual property has yet to be determined. Some countries not only want to get a share of BTC, but also worry about becoming a successor to BTC, so their policies on BTC are also ambiguous. Even the United States and Japan, two countries that are very closely related to BTC, have a lot of controversy over BTC's policy.

BTC takes time to develop, so I’m not afraid that you’re going to catch your oil and water, but you’re afraid that you’re caught up in the world

But it doesn’t matter what BTC is. What’s important is how BTC should be divided now. Tax policies can be implemented independently by each country, and different countries can have different tax policies, so there is no dispute about this. But BTC exchanges can be universal, and theoretically speaking, the larger the scale of trading institutions, the more credible they are, so it is easy to form a situation where the strong are always strong. This is obviously something that the vested interests in some countries don't want to see. Although they can't control BTC, it is still possible to control BTC's hype channels.

However, this cannot be interpreted as bad news for BTC, because when a country puts new shackles on BTC transactions, it may also want to participate in the BTC industry chain. You must know that they are opposed to the profit of the BTC industry chain being earned by others, rather than wanting to oppose BTC. If they can get a share of the BTC industry chain, maybe they will support BTC even more, which is actually beneficial to BTC. What BTC needs most now is time, so I'm not afraid that you will get caught up in oil and water, or that you will get caught up in the world.

There are no eternal enemies and friends between countries, only eternal interests. This sentence also applies to BTC. Decentralized BTC is like an unregulated digital casino. Many countries and individuals know it is a casino and will support it. Let alone a digital currency like BTC, there are many countries that clearly support casinos, so this is not surprising. The future of BTC is still full of many uncertainties, because it is too much affected by policies, especially the attitude of the United States towards BTC is critical.

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