How can investors lock in more profits when the price of Filecoin rises?

Recently, the price of FIL has been soaring, which has attracted the attention of the market. According to the data of Huobi global on April 1, 2021, the trading price of FILecoin rose to a high of $238 on that day, reaching a new high since October 17, 2020.


Recognition of the fluctuation of FIL Market.

Capital institutions headed by gray scale funds have entered the market one after another, and currency prices have been rising all the way.

Since gray scale fund launched FIL related trust products in mid March this year, many capital institutions have entered the market one after another, which has played a strong role in promoting the market. Gray fund is the largest public holder of bitcoin. Recently, it has been reported that gray fund has added 57000 FILs to the price of $127, which basically shows that it is difficult for it to fall again.

The increase of FIL money supply will decrease, and the relationship between supply and demand will be more tense.

According to the relevant data, the total circulation of FIL coins is over 54.53 million. Due to gas fee and other reasons, the destruction amount is over 20 million, while the total circulation amount is no more than 108 million. This means that the total circulation amount of FIL coins in the current market is only about 30 million. For the demand side, the worse news is that from April 15, the growth rate of FIL currency will drop by 280000 per day.

FIL currency practical application projects are gradually implemented.

Not long ago, Juan benet, the founder of the project, tweeted: "NFT can't be called NFT without IPFs." Therefore, IPFs is the basis and significance of FIL currency issuance, and NFT is a non homogenous token, which is one of the hottest sectors in 2020-2021. The development of NFT is inseparable from the application of IPFs technology. At present, including Jingdong, Google, Xiaomi, Netfix and other giants have begun to lay out practical applications on the basis of IPFs. As the practical application of FILecoin is more and more extensive, the future of FIL will be more difficult to predict.

The real investors often have good ability of project analysis and emotion control. Grasp the tuyere, keep the assets and realize the long-term value investment. And those who don't hold assets are often affected by emotional fluctuations.

So how can we use the defi app to lock in more revenue?

As an investment point of view, if we can't bear the price changes in the secondary market, for FIL, it's a safe way to choose a stable income platform. In order to reduce the risk of asset loss caused by the fluctuation of sentiment in the secondary market, more additional income can be obtained.

On the deFIL platform, investors can lend FIL to miners through defi to directly obtain interest income, and can also participate in DFL liquidity mining. According to the proportion of investors' contribution to defi, they can participate in liquidity mining to obtain platform value circular DFL reward. Investors can also purchase DFL directly in the secondary market and obtain interest dividends of defi by participating in the pledge.

At present, according to the data of the official website of deFIL, it can be said that deFIL is a profi lending platform with strong consensus and hard power in the FILecoin ecology.

In March, the deposit volume of deFIL exceeded 1.8 million. Coupled with the heat brought by the secondary market, the visit data of deFIL's website broke through a record high. In just these days, more than a dozen wechat communities have been added, and the number of Twitter and telegraph groups has also increased by 1000. They are all very active new users. During this period, deFIL's loan agreement and operation experience also stand out among many platforms and are widely praised by investors.

The core team of deFIL is committed to building a liquidity centric lending agreement network with the community, covering as many user groups as possible, occupying more network head resources, expanding users' cognition and trust of deFIL, and gaining more market share. Since we are optimistic about the future of distributed storage of FIL, we can pay more attention to the ecological development of FILecoin like deFIL Some new applications.

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